Is there nothing Nabisco won’t put in Oreos? From Swedish Fish to Peeps, the company sure loves to cram an entire supermarket aisle of candy into their cookies. Hell, they’ve even filled Oreos with more Oreos to create the most “Inception”-like snack possible.

So when Oreo dropped their Mystery Flavor earlier this year, we knew it had to be stuffed with some high fructose-y product of dubious origin that they hadn’t yet managed to exploit. And that was before we even tasted it.

Well, Nabisco just revealed the flavor in question and suffice it to say, we were right. The culprit this time around is Fruity Pebbles, that sugary, Flintstones-approved cereal.

Pretty much everyone who tried the damn things figured this out right away, including yours truly.  This puts me in the company of Kathie Lee and Hoda (who ate them alongside their breakfast wine on “The Today Show”). And everyone on Twitter (making it rare instance where everyone actually agreed on something on the internet). Because one bite is really all it takes to discern the taste of pre-fab fruit salad and prehistoric nostalgia. Yabba dabba doo!

People could also submit their guesses to an official Oreo-sponsored contest with a grand prize of $50,000. No winners have been announced yet, probably because they’re trying to figure out how to split that check amongst the millions of applicants who guessed correctly.

Now that we’ve made it clear that it was obvious, let us also make it clear that it is gross. If you’re going to put cereal in Oreos, at least make it a good one. Might we suggest Rice Krispies, for added texture, or Frosted Flakes, because tigers think they’re great (and tigers are better than cavemen). I’m not sure what kind of logic goes into the Oreo-making process—probably none—but this is as close as I imagine it gets.

Header image courtesy of Oreo.

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