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Cookies are great dessert options. So are cakes. But what if they combined their forces to create the ultimate synergistic sweet? Enter Cakies. The name really says it all. Part cookie, part cake, pure awesome. Trust us, if you want to win Santa over this holiday season, here’s how to do it.

Who better to teach us how to make this delicious hybrid than a renowned cake artist? That’s why we turned to Yolanda Gampp. She’s an expert chef and the leading force behind How to Cake It, a YouTube channel and online community dedicated to sweet things that look as amazing as they taste. Seriously, from this Funfetti tower of presents to this ginormous candy cane, her cakes are total works of art. Check out her stuff and marvel at the fact that literally ANYTHING can be cake.

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But don’t let her baking prowess intimidate you. In the video above, Gampp takes us through the Cakie-making process step-by-step. Watch as she assembles all the ingredients. First chocolate cake and ganache get layered between chocolate chip cookies (aka the best sandwich ever!). But wait, it gets better.

Slather it in swirls of Italian meringue buttercream frosting. Why Italian-style frosting? It’s sweeter than French or Swiss varieties, but less sweet than its American counterpart, lending it the perfect balance of flavor.

Roll the whole thing up with sprinkles, the more colorful, the better. And top with more chocolate, which can be drizzled from a pastry bag. Or you can even use a cone of parchment paper in a pinch. Do whatever it takes to get more chocolate on top!

I swear, she makes creating the whole shebang look as easy as stacking Legos. And maybe it is?! So if you’re feeling ambitious and want to impress everyone at your holiday party this year, definitely give this treat a go.

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