For those of us chained to our desks this month and longing for a midwinter escape, the Internet has provided the second-best thing: Travel vicariously with your favorite food bloggers as they nibble their way around the world, sampling the wares in foreign markets, tasting the goods at cafés and street stalls. It’s not quite the same, I’ll grant you that, but in the midst of a rainy January day, it may be the next-best thing.

Fancy a trip to Vietnam? Two bloggers are reporting back from Asian travels. Amy, of Cooking with Amy, writes about markets, lotus tea, and the national dish of pho. Jen, from Life Begins at 30, is also in Vietnam, and her photos are not to be missed. They are a visual treat for the desk-bound and might just make you start planning your next trip.

On the other side of the world, Ivonne, of Creampuffs in Venice, has been telling stories of her tour of Berlin, Prague, and Vienna last month—along with recipes from each city. Those craving a dose of Christmas markets, glühwein, and vánocka, a delicious braided egg bread studded with dried fruit, should look no further.

Or, for the spontaneous, join Kate, of Pie in the Sky, as she tosses all worldly belongings into a storage unit and sets off for a tour of Europe. First stop is Paris, with a continuation through the south of France, Spain, and Ireland.

Someone, anyone—sign me up!

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