As Black Friday approaches, nearly every food company on the planet relishes the opportunity to release gimmicky products to satisfy every culinary niche. Most of them are entirely unnecessary (cough, ranch kegs, cough). But every once in a while, one of these stunt items actually tap into relevancy. Cue Stove Top‘s new Thanksgiving Dinner Pants.

If you don’t already own super stretchy pants, you might as well invest in ones that are put out by a company that literally specializes in stuffing. These maroon pants are specially designed with a “Stuffin’-Stretch” waistband that allows for maximum comfort and maximum eating come Turkey Day. It’s also got the weirdest stuffing imagery on them. As a fashion statement, not even a Kardashian could pull them off, though maybe they should try. Because as far as we can tell they’re basically maternity pants, but for people with food babies instead of real babies.

I also appreciate how Stove Top goes all out in terms of advertising the dumbest-looking article of clothing ever, creating a commercial that features every informercial cliché in the book. Hyperbolic descriptions (did you know they’re “based on the same technology used in astronauts’ underpants?!”), really bad over-acting, and black and white footage of people fumbling until they see the colorful light of their latest as-seen-on-TV savior. This ad might as well be Stefon’s favorite new club because it has EVERYTHING! Check it out below:

As gimmicky as these pants are, though, their existence probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. Lots of food brands are entering the fashion world. KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell have all launched clothing lines. The latter even partnered with Forever 21 to sell an entire wardrobe’s worth of burrito-based options. This trend will likely continue into 2018, as the lifestyle-fication of fast food has proven a savvy business and brand move. At this rate, look for an Ocean Spray cranberry crop-top to be on the market by next Thanksgiving to match your stuffing pants.

Header image courtesy of Stove Top.

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