Through the miracle of modern science, lots of food that aren’t cake can now taste like cake. Ice cream, Oreos, and even vodka have all gotten the Funfetti treatment. But now Japan is taking the cake-flavored trend to a whole other level, with a limited-edition, holiday release of Pepsi’s Christmas Cola.

In Japan, the holiday is traditionally celebrated with sponge cakes, covered with strawberries and whipped cream. The soda aspires to mimic the cake, with its creamy white texture and tart, yet sweet strawberry flavoring. It goes on sale Nov. 21 and is the first in a long line of bold flavors that are exclusive to the country. The rest of the world sighs again, and is left envying the bounty they will never receive.

Pepsi in Japan is a soda-lover’s paradise, with seasonal flavors popping up great frequency and anticipation. Some might seem like silly marketing ploys, but many are genuinely delicious. Between Pepsi Pink (a strawberry and milk-flavored beverage), Pepsi Gold (a ginger soda) and Pepsi Blue Hawaii (pineapple and lemon-flavored, of course), there’s an entire rainbow of taste left unexplored by most of the Western world. A few Christmases ago, they even released a Pepsi White in honor of the holidays, which was know as “Snow Mikan.” It tasted like the Mikan, a seedless, citrus fruit. And once in 2009 they even released Pepsi Azuki, based on the popular red bean. It is difficult to fathom the flavor profile of a legume-inspired drink, but once again Japan beats us to it.

And it’s not just Pepsi that gets in on crazy flavored snack mania. Kit Kat and Doritos in Japan are also lightyears ahead of its American counterparts. With green tea-flavored candy and shrimp-mayonnaise pizza-topping chips, you’ll want to travel halfway around the world for your next lunch break.

Header image courtesy Pepsi.

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