bacon black bean chili

It’s time to drive the coziness factor into full effect. Oversized sweaters, warm blankets, and—most importantly—comfort food are essential staples for the cooler months. If you’re going to be stuck indoors, a delicious meal is obviously in order.

Chili is one of the great dishes for the fall and winter. It’s hearty, filling, and hits the spot when temperatures are less than pleasing. No dinner party or guy’s night watching football is complete without a bowl.

Though no one will dispute its taste, the origins of chili are relatively mysterious—except for the fact that it did not come from Mexico like most people believe (even though some of its main ingredients did). Some will argue that immigrants from the Canary Islands who settled in Texas in the 1700s brought along their chili recipes. Then, there is a fable that suggests a nun was inspired to create chili con carne (beans and meat) after the idea came to her in a trance —quite the stroke of luck! Others believe that things got cookin’ in the late 1800s with the creation of chili powder.

Regardless of how chili made its way to America, you just have to be grateful that it did. After all, what’s better than a few scoops for your Saturday lunch? Recipes often call for kidney beans because they amp up the flavors of the spices and take the heat well (and you know things are going to get hot). However, there is the opportunity to get creative and add other beans to the mix, depending on what you’re preparing. Cannellini beans can do the trick as well.

No matter the type of bean, one thing’s for certain: There’s a recipe for everyone. Hungry carnivores and veggie-only eaters will find a chili dish to their liking. Since that’s the case, now is the time to satisfy those winter food cravings. You can heat up the kitchen this season with these myriad of options (or all if you’re feeling adventurous).

Turkey Chili

spicy turkey chili


Want to spice up your weekday dinner? Look no further. Thanks to the sautéed ground turkey with hints of chili powder, cayenne, ground cumin, and even cinnamon, your taste buds are in for one hot ride. In about an hour, you’ll be ready to dunk tortilla chips into this tasty dish with cannellini beans—just make sure you don’t forget the sour cream. Get our Turkey Chili recipe.

Basic Vegetarian Chili

vegetarian chili


Looking for a quick and hearty meal? This dish—complete with kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, ground cumin, black peppers, among other ingredients—provides a satisfying veggie option for those who pass on meat. But thanks to the delicious flavor, you won’t miss the meat too much (if at all). Get our Basic Vegetarian Chili recipe.

Bacon and Black Bean Chili

bacon black bean chili


Anytime bacon is added to the mix, you’re in for a treat. This smoky and fun dish is perfect for a get-together, so save a helping for yourself because it’ll surely go quickly. Crushed tortilla chips are not required, but highly encouraged. Get our Bacon and Black Bean Chili recipe.

Bison and Bean Chili

bison bean chili


It’s not everyday you enjoy a helping of bison, so grab some kidney beans, bell peppers, diced tomatoes, and sprinkle chili powder  to really wow your dinner guests. Get our Bison and Bean Chili recipe.

Texas-Style Chili with Brisket

Texas style brisket chili

Cooking Light

For a girl who cannot resist a pitstop at Katz’s Deli on E. Houston Street, learning about a chili option with brisket sounds like magic in a bowl. With a helping of ancho chile and Tabasco, this dish really packs a punch. Where can I sign up? Get the recipe.

Slow Cooker Chipotle Chili

slow cooker chipotle chili


What’s better than a bowl of chili that requires minimal effort but fully delivers in taste? With this slow cooker method, the smoky flavor will make it seem as though you spent hours in the kitchen when in fact your crockpot did the heavy lifting. Plus, you get to switch up the typical kidney beans and opt for cannellini beans. Get our Slow Cooker Chipotle Chili recipe.

Chili Con Carne

chili con carne


This recipe is a classic, and although there are plenty of renditions of the fan-favorite, one that provides a bit of spice is the way to go. Get our Chili Con Carne recipe.

Creamy Chicken Enchilada Chili

slow cooker chicken enchilada chili

Chelsea’s Messy Kitchen

Though chili didn’t originate in Mexico, there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to delectable Mexican flavors. The creator behind Chelsea’s Messy Apron opts for a crockpot recipe that calls for black beans and chili beans. Once all is said and done, don’t be afraid to add hints of lime, avocado, or cilantro. After all, this is Creamy Chicken Enchilada Chili. Get the recipe.

Chili Mac

chili mac

All She Cooks

Chili Mac…or heaven on earth? If there’s anything better than mac ‘n’ cheese, it’s mac ‘n’ cheese with chili. Jessica, the brains behind All She Cooks, certainly knows the way to our heart. Get the recipe.

Crock Pot Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili

slow cooker paleo sweet potato chili

Cotter Crunch

Blogger Lindsay Cotter offers a gluten-free paleo addition to the plethora of chili recipes that offers just the right amount of spice. Get the recipe.

Colorado Bean Pork Chili

green pork Colorado chili

A Dish Of Daily Life

Michelle, the food blogger behind A Dish of Daily Life, will satisfy all those looking to spice up the way they serve pork. Comfort food at its finest. Get the recipe.

Game Day Beer Chili

game day beer chili

How Sweet Eats

Nothing says “football” like this option from the blogger behind How Sweet Eats, which she says she prepared from the cookbook The Seasoned Life. This is a definite touchdown. Get the recipe.

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