brandied cherries

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what about when it’s doused with brandy and sugar? Well, the jury is still out on the health benefits of brandied fruit, but the concoction is a perfect way to stretch the sweet tastes of summer into the fall.

With Oct. 20 officially designated as Brandied Fruit Day, it’s an optimal time to dive into learning more about this sweet invention. Typically, brandied fruit is made by combining brandy, sugar, and ripe, fresh fruit into a glass jar and allowing it to cure. Along with those basics, spices are often thrown into the mix for additional flavor, and nuts are sometimes added as a topping. Though it’s not necessary to spring for the priciest brandy ever for these recipes, it’s best to pick one that is at least 80 proof, steering clear of the super cheap options.

Pre-modern times, this kitchen method had a pragmatic purpose: preserving fruit for eating during the colder months. Today, however, brandied fruit serves as a complementary topping for cake, ice cream, and other desserts. Though you’ll want to get it on your plate ASAP, making it requires a bit of patience, as most recipes require the mixture to sit for at least a month before it’s ready. As anyone who is a fan will tell you, though, once you take the first bite, you’ll realize it was worth the wait.

Ready to try your hand at making this treat? Keep reading for the brandied fruit recipes you need to try immediately.

Brandied Cinnamon Apples

bandied cinnamon apples

Savory Spice Rack

Too impatient to wait several weeks to serve yourself some alcohol infused fruit? Then these cinnamon apples, cooked over a saucepan with brandy, sugar, and spices, are for you. Serve them over waffles for a boozy brunch to remember. Get the recipe.

Brandied Fruit Cake

brandied fruit cake

Country Cleaver

This cake is an ideal dessert to bring along with you as you visit friends and family over the holidays. This recipe calls for using dried fruit smothered in brandy that will eventually make its way into the cake. As a bonus, you can repurpose the brandy to pour into your hot cider on a cold day. Get the recipe.

Slow Cooker Peach Compote/Pie Filling

slow cooker peach preserves or peach pie filling

12 Tomatoes

If you want to experiment with a hands-off dessert, try this slow cooker-centric recipe. The peach compote works as a great filling for a pie. Get the recipe.

Brandied Pear-Walnut Tart

brandied pear walnut tart


With its aesthetically appealing geometric design and flavorful crust, this tart is sure to be the pièce de résistance for any dinner party. Serve it with crème fraîche to make it even more decadent. Get our Brandied Pear-Walnut Tart recipe.

Canned Pears in Vanilla Syrup

canned pear preserves with vanilla and brandy

Put Up Or Shut Up

The combination of pear, brandy, and vanilla bean make this recipe stand out from the pack. The Instagram-worthy jars also make great gifts to hand out during the holidays, for those looking for an alternative to coffee shop gift cards! Get the recipe.

Fig and Brandy Jam

brandied fig jam

Use Real Butter

This easy jam is made by macerating fresh figs for about 24 hours in the refrigerator, then coming back to them the following day to cook in a sauce pan. The final result is a flavorful jam that is an excellent addition to a charcuterie board. Get the recipe.

Brandied Cherries

brandied cherries

Nourished Kitchen

This recipe separates itself by including anise, cloves, or cinnamon sticks for additional flavor. The final result is a garnish that is perfect for adding to cocktails as an alternative to your typical maraschino cherry. Get the recipe.

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