Put a piece of candy in front of a kid—no matter what it is—and he or she is going to eat it, right? Wrong. Kids these days are pickier than ever. Whether it’s because of their opinionated parents or the evolution of more sophisticated palates, it seems like humans—both young and old—are certainly more difficult to please.

To prove this theory, we relied on five honest (and adorable!) test subjects to sample this year’s selection of mass market, sugary concoctions. From Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats to Caramel Apple Milky Ways, no bizarre flavor was left unwrapped, which yielded some pretty hilarious on-camera reactions.

Check out the video above for a full lowdown of which candies reigned supreme. And if you’re still convinced that adults can stomach more than children, think again. The Chowhound team put these sweets to the test and the results concluded that we’re all just picky big kids who will forever love Reese’s.

Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat

“I’m not opposed to the pumpkin spice chemical blend of the filling but it needs the milk chocolate coating of a classic Kit Kat to stick the landing.” – Jessica Gentile, Associate Editor

“It tastes like white chocolate bark mixed with canned pumpkin pie filling—grossly sweet.” – Guillermo Riveros, Senior Video Producer

“It’s less pumpkin-flavored than it is pumpkin-spiced chemical-flavored. Not even regular Kit Kats taste like real chocolate, per se, but I miss the familiarity. Also, it’s a bit waxy.” – Owen Stretch, Video and Social Media Manager

“I actually really enjoyed this. Feel free to change my name to ‘Basic Bitch.’ I deserve it.” – Joey Skladany, Senior Content Producer

Reese’s Ghosts

“I love you, always and forever. Even when you’re covered in white chocolate instead of milk or dark.” – Carleigh Connelly, Director of Content 

“Let’s just say that if the peanut butter is Alec Baldwin, the white chocolate is his brother, Stephen. They’re sometimes cute together, but we all know who’s superior.” – Joey Skladany, Senior Content Producer

“It tastes like the regular version, but just covered in white chocolate. I love Reese’s with a passion.” – Chike Ezeude, Associate Video Producer

“I wish the ghost shape was better, then it would be more appealing to me. White chocolate is a turn-off in general, but this tastes just like a regular Reese’s.” – Guillermo Riveros, Senior Video Producer

“Not even the faux-plastic taste of white chocolate can ruin a Reese’s. A+.” – Jessica Gentile, Associate Editor

Cauldron Skittles

“These taste like Skittles, alright! It seems the seasonal theme of these come solely from the spooky flavor names like ‘Lurking Lemon’ and ‘Gripping Grape.’ But I like Skittles, so I like these.” – Nathan Carpenter, Video Producer 

“Shocker: They taste like normal Skittles…which is a good thing.” – Carleigh Connelly, Director of Content

“I like Skittles’ approach to Halloween: Just change the product name and packaging without changing the candy itself. I will eat handfuls of these out of any cauldron.” – Jessica Gentile, Associate Editor

“These taste a lot like normal Skittles—which, great!” – Owen Stretch, Video and Social Media Manager

Caramel Apple Milky Way

“I’ve never been a fan of Milky Way. When I tried the apple candy-flavored version, it reinforced why I do not like Milky Way.” – Chike Ezeude, Associate Video Producer

“Gross. Apples only belong in pies, crisps, and cobblers.” – Jessica Gentile, Associate Editor

“I’m not really detecting much apple flavor in this. Not a big fan, though it is a nice change of pace from pumpkin-flavored stuff.” – Nathan Carpenter, Video Producer

“It smells like there’s fake cherry flavor added to the chocolate…like a cheap Russell Stover Valentine’s Day chocolate.” – Carleigh Connelly, Director of Content

Sweet Tarts Skull & Bones

“It’s Sweet Tarts shaped like skulls and bones. No complaints on my side.” – Guillermo Riveros, Senior Video Producer

“They’re Sweet Tarts, but they’re shaped like spooky skeletons! What’s not to like?” – Nathan Carpenter, Video Producer

“Sweet Tarts will forever be inferior to hard candies like Warheads, but I’d be a fool to turn these down. Yum.” – Joey Skladany, Senior Content Producer

“See, this is a smart play. Rather than mess with taste, they changed the form factor. The skeleton head? I chuckled.” – Owen Stretch, Video and Social Media Manager

“Can’t go wrong with Sweet Tarts. I love the taste, I love the color, I just love them.” – Chike Ezeude, Associate Video Producer

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