As the kids dress up as ghosts, goblins, and witches for a night of trick or treating, the adults dress up their personalities with a bevy of Halloween-inspired cocktails. Bloody Marys and charcoal-infused libations are appropriately thematic options for All Hallows’ Eve, but Jon and Marc Chaiet’s “Let’s Get Monster Smashed: Horror Movie Drinks for a Killer Time” takes holiday drinking to a level beyond our wildest imagination.

Inspired by the “camp and visceral violence of horror movies from the ’80s and ’90s,” the creative brothers decided to channel their love for scary cinema into a “
plethora of palate-pleasing potables.” From shots and punches to modern twists on timeless classics, the book adds a bit of sorcery to your favorite booze.

We met up with the daring duo to showcase three of their favorite options for this year’s Halloween house parties. Check out the video above and descriptions of their unique concoctions below. But please drink responsibly. You don’t want your morning to be scarier than the night before.

The Claudia
A twist on the Vieux Carre, this is essentially the classic cocktail but with a lemonade ice ball. The name is also inspired by Kirsten Dunst’s famous character from “Interview with the Vampire.” Since the movie takes place in New Orleans, it makes the Vieux Carre a perfect match.
Inspired by Slimer from “Ghostbusters,” this electric green shot features marshmallow-flavored vodka, Midori, and a splash of Mountain Dew. Topped with a charred marshmallow, the sweet sip will go down as if your mouth is a proton pack.
Skin Suit
A chicharron (pork rind) topped beverage is the perfect ode to “Silence of the Lambs'” infamous skin suit created by Buffalo Bill. Made with a shot of silver tequila and homemade jalapeño and lime simple syrup, a few of these spicy indulgences will absolutely make your skin tingle.
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