Mandalay Restaurant is a Burmese restaurant a few blocks from Burma Super Star, but without a line to get in. schnigglebob finds the food at Mandaly Restaurant to be better–especially the flavorful tea leaf salad, made without lemon or tomatoes. Rainbow chicken, with flavors of mango and pineapple, is also recommended.

Melanie Wong likes the spark and funk of the rainbow salad, which is a wild mix of more than ten different things, including deep-fried shallots and golden-brown garlic chips. Her favorite is the coconut chicken noodle soup (ono kaukswe), with bite-sized pieces of smooth and succulent boneless dark meat chicken and soft egg noodles floating in a mild, curry-flavored coconut milk broth.

daveena highly recommends the nan gvi dok (Burmese rice noodle soup with spiced coconut chicken, split yellow pea powder, and fried onion). It’s a must-eat–the coconut flavor goes all the way through the perfectly chewy, tender noodles. And all hounds like the balada, a flaky, tender Burmese flatbread akin to paratha.

Mandalay Restaurant [Richmond]
4348 California St. (at 6th), San Francisco

Burma Super Star Restaurant [Richmond]
309 Clement St, between 4th and 5th, San Francisco

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