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Your favorite probiotic tonic is here to up your cocktail game! Kombucha, a fermented tea beverage, is a now widely available product, known for its vinegary tang and fizzy sweetness. Oftentimes billed as a good source of probiotics, kombucha has been around for centuries, dating back to ancient China.

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Today, kombucha comes in a variety of flavors and is brewed across the United States, for hipsters and health nuts alike. For the modern bar, kombucha’s carbonation and tangy characteristics make it an ideal mixer for unique cocktail concoctions. The fermented drink has been popping up on more and more cocktail lists nationwide. We were even inspired to make the lovely Valentine’s Day Cocktail with Kombucha you see above. Get our Cupid’s ‘Buch Valentine’s Cocktail recipe, or read on for even more ways to work kombucha into your cocktails.

Ginger Peach Kombucha Sangria

ginger peach kombucha sangria

Little Bits Of

Yes, you can drink your poolside sangria and get your healthy probiotics in, too! White wine and fresh fruit take this cocktail to dreams of sunny days and floppy hats, and comes together with just a few ingredients. Get the Ginger Peach Kombucha Sangria recipe.

Spiced Plum, Fig, and  Kombucha Cocktail

spiced plum and fig kombucha cocktail

The Green Life

If you’re feeling a more autumn-inspired drink, opt for this Spiced Plum, Fig and Kombucha Cocktail. Start by making a ginger, plum, fig puree spiced with star anise. Top with kombucha and garnish with fruit for an extra fancy factor. Get the Spiced Plum, Fig, and  Kombucha Cocktail recipe.

Ginger Kombucha Cocktail

ginger kombucha cocktail

Love And Lemons

Classic kombucha typically involves some type of ginger element, used to punch up the natural fermented flavors. This cocktail goes super simple with the addition of vodka, mint, and a lemon slice. Get the Ginger Kombucha Cocktail recipe.

Kombucha Grapefruit Cocktail

kombucha grapefruit cocktail

Joy The Baker

If you’re really looking to jazz up the brunch drink menu, go for these Kombucha Grapefruit Cocktails. A spin on the mimosa, this cocktail combines champagne, fresh grapefruit juice, and your favorite kombucha brand. Get the Kombucha Grapefruit Cocktail recipe.

Citrus Mint Kombucha Cocktail

citrus mint kombucha cocktail

Pure And Simple Nourishment

This cocktail uses whole citrus fruit to create a rich, velvety consistency in this Citrus-Mint Kombucha Cocktail. If you’re looking to avoid alcohol for any dietary purposes, this drink simply says to skip the vodka (but let’s be real here…) Get the Citrus Mint Kombucha Cocktail recipe.

Kombucha Moscow Mule

kombucha moscow mule

In It 4 The Long Run

Everybody loves a good Mule! This Moscow Mule uses ginger kombucha and fresh lime juice and, of course, vodka. Serve over crushed ice and in a fancy Mule mug for extra effect! Get the Kombucha Moscow Mule recipe.

Sparkling Cranberry Kombucha Mocktail

sparkling cranberry kombucha mocktails

The Real Food RDs

‘Tis the season! Bring a new concoction to the holiday table with these Sparkling Cranberry and Kombucha Mocktails. The festive rosemary and lemon peel garnish will make your guests forget that this drink is good for their gut! Get the Sparkling Cranberry Kombucha Mocktail recipe.

Honeycrisp Apple Cider Bourbon Shrub

kombucha apple cider bourbon shrub

Climbing Grier Mountain

A shrub by any other name is simply a drinking vinegar—some kombuchas can be considered drinking vinegars, while others can be more diluted and contain less sugar. These cocktails are a perfect balance of both: sweetened with sweet apple and paired with the kick of good-quality bourbon. Get the Honeycrisp Apple Cider Bourbon Shrub recipe.

Matcha Kombucha Cocktail

matcha ginger kombucha cocktail

How Sweet Eats

Two of Instagram’s favorite health crazes, kombucha and matcha, combine forces in this ultra good-for-you cocktail. Balanced with fresh mint and lime juice, these drinks are topped with ginger kombucha and best consumed on a bright and breezy patio. Get the Matcha Kombucha Cocktail recipe.

Raspberry Rose Tequila Kombucha

raspberry rose tequila kombucha cocktail

Half Baked Harvest

Sweet meets tequila in this kombucha cocktail! Rich and tangy raspberries are paired with floral rose water and topped with kombucha and spiked tequila—how much more festive can you get? Get the Raspberry Rose Tequila Kombucha recipe.

Minty Green Kombucha Smash

mint apple green kombucha smash mocktail

Camille Styles

Healthy meets sweet in this green-juice based mocktail. The residual sugar alcohols that naturally occur in kombucha are just buzzy enough for this drink! Get the Minty Green Kombucha Smash recipe.

Strawberry Orange Mango Kombucha Mocktails

strawberry orange mango kombucha mocktail

The Roasted Root

Combine all of breakfast’s favorite fruits for a fizzy morning drink! You can either squeeze your own orange juice, or opt for no-sugar-added storebought. Get the Strawberry Orange Mango Kombucha Mocktails recipe.

Kombucha Cocktail with Pomelo Sage

kombucha cocktail with pomelo and sage


Whiskey jazzes up this kombucha cocktail with pomelo (grapefruit) juice and a hint of savory sage. A splash of rose water brightens up this drink, best served over crushed ice. Get the Kombucha Cocktail with Pomelo Sage recipe.

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