Be still, our cold black hearts.

NYC bar and restaurant Beetle House is for any “freak, weirdo” or “grown-up goth kid” who revels in the idea of celebrating Halloween year-round. Inspired by “all things dark and lovely,” the Tim Burton-esque establishment offers a bevy of tasty (and creepy) cocktails and dishes to a horror-loving clientele.

“The idea was simple,” says owner Zach Neil. “[It was] to create a space where people who love Halloween, horror films, Gothic, dark and moody music can gather for a meal and drinks.”

As Halloween quickly approaches, the bar has been tasked with introducing their most spooky, gory cuisine yet. A few examples (as seen in the videos above and below) includes Sweeney Beef with bloody beet juice mashed potatoes, hell-inspired flaming Mad Shrimp, and the dark and delicious Beetles Juice cocktail.

“Sports bars are great if you are into sports, but what about the rest of us?” asks Neil.  “Imagine a place with the same enthusiasm as a big time sports bar, but instead everyone is celebrating, films, music and art. That is the type of place I want[ed] to create; a safe space where it really feels like Halloween all year-round and people can come, enjoy good food, good drinks, listen to good music, and feel completely comfortable to be as freaky as they want to be.”

Needless to say, our freak flags will be flying at full mast the next time we step into Beetle House. We just hope they don’t feel too inspired by Halloween and serve actual bugs and critters. We have draw a line somewhere when it comes to adventurous eats.

(That being said, eating bugs is totally trendy and something we’re not opposed to. If they’re dead, cooked, seasoned, and served with copious amounts of alcohol, of course.)

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