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When it comes to posting about food, no other celebrities are more devoted than these top 10. Nothing can stand in the way of their next food post. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, these celebs are committed to their food and want to show it to the world.

Thanks to social media, we get to see what they are eating through their eyes. Their food posts reflect the many ways they embrace and view their favorite foods, from comforting and elegant to raunchy and “ugly-delicious.”

These are our top 10 celebrities who cannot stop posting about food and where to follow them.

Chrissy Teigen

Mother of Luna Simone Stephens, wife of John Legend, a New York Times best-selling cookbook author, a Lip Sync Battle co-host, a Sports Illustrated covergirl—Chrissy Teigen is all that and more. Teigen explains in an essay she wrote for Glamour magazine last spring that she found her “love for cooking” while finding her way to John Legend’s heart, when they first got together. In her essay, Teigen also opens up about her post-partum depression, listing loss of appetite as one of her unfortunate symptoms. However, Teigen recently captioned a picture of her hand-written recipe for banana bundt bread, “Heading into the final week of recipe developing for #cravings2!!! You guys have been such a huge part of this one…I’ve loved seeing what you guys enjoyed making the most and learning what you want more of. You guys…are awesome. And I miss posting food. I’m going to instagram a lot more freaking food and if you don’t like it you can suck it! Love you.” Follow Teigan on Instagram and Twitter.

Hugh Jackman

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Aussie brekky, southern style. #GRITS

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You know Aussie-born Hugh Jackman is an actor, singer, and producer, but did you know he daydreamed of being a “chef on a plane” so he could simultaneously work with food and travel the world, according to Biography Today. We can surmise from Jackman’s consistent food posts that, despite his not becoming a chef on a plane, Jackman fulfilled his dream, mostly, as he jet-sets and feasts his way—mostly on pancakes—across the globe. No longer tied to his “wolverine diet” of boiled chicken and broccoli, Jackman is a full-on flapjack connoisseur. Whether indulging in ricotta pancakes laden with powdered sugar and maple syrup at Granger & Co. in London, eating “more [pancakes] than [he] flipped” at Bills in Japan, or adorably mixing up cashew nut flapjacks with his “mum,” Jackman has a shameless adoration for the breakfast staple that is the humble pancake. You can find Jackman’s plates of pancakes and his other favorite international eats, particularly of the noodle-persuasion on Instagram and Twitter.

Ali Larter

While some of us may distinctly associate Ali Larter with a certain cult classic, turn of the millennium piece known as Legally Blonde, Ali Larter is a self-described “Jersey Girl living in Cali. Lover of fabulous food, friends & festivities. Actress and author of Kitchen Revelry,” according to her Twitter bio. Larter shows off her home-cooked food through her photos and prose on Instagram, captioning her lasagna bolognese with “Cooking is how I show my love, but it’s also about connection, progress, and action;” her heaping mixing bowl full of strawberries with “Capturing the essence of summer to last through the seasons. Seascape strawberry jam with vanilla bean;” and apple tarte tatin with “Falling for fall flavors. #tartetatin #familydinners Just don’t ask me to drink a pumpkin spice latte.” Follow Larter on Instagram and Twitter.

Kelis Rogers

You know her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but did you know singer and songwriter Kelis Rogers graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, starred in her own Cooking Channel show, released her own line of sauces, and wrote her own cookbook? Owner and head saucier of bounty & full, Kelis proclaims she “fell in love with sauces because they define who we are as people- culture, ethnicity, character,” according to the company’s website. Follow Kelis on Instagram and Twitter.

Neil Patrick Harris

In an effort to edit out his “food porn” from his personal social media feeds, actor, comedian, magician, and singer, Neil Patrick Harris created a separate Twitter handle, @nphfoodporn. Alas, photos of his visits to the likes of restaurants like Cochon in New Orleans for repeat orders of “Wood fired oysters with chile garlic butter, pork cheek with jalapeño corn salad, beets with avocado and radish, rabbit and dumplings in a cast iron skillet,” have spread their way over to his Instagram feed for all of us to feast our eyes. Follow Harris on Instagram and Twitter.

David Chang

Best end of sandwich

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Depicting full-on, oozing, gratuitous photos of fried chicken shmeared in caviar, stacks of glistening bbq beef short ribs, soft poached eggs soaked in white caviar, and more, oh so much more, David Chang’s food posts are “#uglydelicious.” In an interview with EATER, Momofuku founder and season one host of Mind of Chef, David Chang describes “ugly-delicious” as a philosophy he came up with when he finally “embraced all the things that [he] truly love[s] eating. I’m not embarrassed about it anymore. Now I’m just like, I don’t give a fuck.” Follow Chang on Instagram and Twitter.

Ali Wong

Stand-up comic Ali Wong, of Netflix Original Ali Wong: Baby Cobra fame, posts endlessly all her Asian favorites from don tat (egg custard) to beef tendon soup, chili bamboo shoots, and more. Follow Wong on Instagram and Twitter.

Drew Barrymore

Actress, author, director, model, producer, vintner…and, from the looks of it, avid home cook, Drew Barrymore shares her love for making banana bread, avocado on toast, school lunches for her kids, and more with us via her food posts. You can see what she’s snacking and sipping on Instagram and Twitter.

Jessica Biel

Actress, model, and producer, Jessica Biel has a new title to add to her profile: restaurant owner of Au Fudge, a restaurant catering to parents and providing in-house au pair service. From celebrating National Donut Day with a half dozen donuts to copious photos of cakes and, of course, fudge, Beil’s food posts tell us this woman has a serious sweet tooth. Right alongside her baskets of greens from her garden, Biel even positions cupcakes from her “cupcake tree.” Follow Biel on Instagram and Twitter.

Mindy Kaling

Actress, comedian, and writer Mindy Kaling has made her claim to fame writing and starring on comedy sitcoms like The Office and her own creation, The Mindy Project. Kaling’s food posts give us a full behind-the-scenes look at what she’s snacking and sipping on before, during, and after a day on the set. Seriously, take a scroll through Kaling’s Instagram feed, and you will find her favorite food-of-the-day weekly, if not twice on the same day. Kaling has a sweet and savory tooth for life and cuisine, nomming on everything from a giant chocolate chip walnut cookie, sprinkle cupcakes, and other sweet confections to her own homemade turkey-sausage lasagna and shrimp curry made with cardamom pods. She also affectionately posts what munchies she and her office mates like to share. Follow Kaling on Instagram and Twitter.

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