If you know that Nutella is on the dessert menu, there’s nothing more horrible than rushing through a meal and praying that your final course gets there sooner. Because let’s be honest: What’s more exciting than spreadable hazelnut and chocolate, especially after binging on something savory?

According to Mashable, an Italian restaurant named Carosello has decided to speed up the serving of Nutella by incorporating it into a pasta dish. The dinner-dessert is doused in Nutella sauce spiked with Frangelico (classy!), then dusted with white chocolate “parmesan” and adorned with raspberries, almond flakes, and fresh mint. It’s either the best thing you’ve ever heard of or your Italian grandmother’s worst nightmare.

Unfortunately for most of us, Carosello happens to be in Australia’s Moonee Ponds, so you’ll have to book an expensive plane ticket to feast on the carb-heavy concoction. Or you can simply improvise and try to imitate the recipe at home (we assume a post-night out, 3 AM attempt will yield the most successful results.).

The special dessert is in celebration of World Pasta Day on Oct. 25 and will be served for an entire week (Oct. 24-29). While Nutella pasta is certainly innovative, this isn’t the most surprising thing to come from the Land Down Under, whose obsession with Nutella has practically reached Vegemite status. To put things in perspective, Sydney has a Nutella-themed cafe and the city of Adelaid threw a Nutella-Palooza featuring doughnuts, shakes, fried ice cream, and even beer. The festival will return again early next year.

Australia also experienced a Nutella shortage in 2015, thanks to the popularity of commercial-sized tubs used by chefs in restaurants. It’s clearly hard out there for a food trend, and even harder for those who are making the trend happen.

Needless to say, we’re glad Australia’s figured out its Nutella problems and we’re quite jealous a version of this special dish isn’t offered in the U.S.. That is until we get into the kitchen and make it happen ourselves. #PastaGoals

Header image courtesy of Carosello.

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