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Three-Michelin-star Chef Antoine Westermann may experiment with his craft in different kitchens and countries, but one thing has always remained a constant: his affinity for farm-fresh ingredients.

“When I have inspiration, I first go to the farmer,” he says. “If I don’t have a good farmer, I can do nothing.”

From soups, stews, salads, and his most beloved protein, poultry, Westermann’s French-influenced versatility, finesse, and culinary complexity shines through every dish. Credit, of course, always stems back from the quality of his meats and produce, which impart bold, memorable flavors that keep his customers coming back for more.

Unsurprisingly, the most famous offering on Chef Westermann’s menu is roasted chicken. The Le Coq Rico signature is renowned not only for its buttery, rustic taste, but its ability to transport you to the wine-soaked region of South Western France where citrus notes, tomatoes, and root vegetables run rampant. Consider the experience as a passport for the palate, but within the confines of his cozy Paris and New York-based establishments.


“When you cook for [customers and friends], if […] the whole goods are the best you can find, it’s not only a good time, but you give them a gift,” he says.

For anyone who’s tried Chef Westermann’s cooking, what a gift it is; a gift of rural, grassroots influence in an urban setting, a gift of culinary expertise from a master of seasonal ingredients, and, most importantly, a gift from Mother Nature’s diverse and plentiful bounty.

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