We’re not even sure the prospect of eating doughnuts makes this It-inspired delivery worth it. (Thanks a lot, Stephen King. You’ve not only managed to haunt our dreams, but also our appetites.)

Hurts Donut in Texas has come up with the brilliant terrifying idea of sending a scary, jagged-toothed clown to hand-deliver doughnuts to unsuspecting friends, co-workers, family members, and soon-to-be enemies. And it’s either the best or worst thing we’ve heard about as a welcome to October.

“We always try to keep up with the trends, and clowns are trending right now,” Hurts owner Kas Clegg revealed to GuideLive. “It’s fall, and it’s getting close to Halloween, so we just wanted to spice it up a little bit and do a super fun delivery.”

The stunt will set you back an additional $10, but can you really put a price on scaring the crap out of someone you love (or secretly hate)? No, no you can’t. And while they will only be making clown-themed deliveries through their Frisco, Texas location, there is talk on social media about them expanding to different markets. According to a post on Facebook, the store claims “if we have enough interest in surrounding communities…we may pick a day for out of town clown deliveries as well!”

Honestly, despite our semi-irrational fear of clowns, we’d probably be lured into any sewer for a baker’s dozen of these sweet confections. It’s just a human in makeup and bright colors, right? Right. They’d just have to bring one of those seasonal pumpkin spice, cream cheese, and caramel varieties that Hurts has been promoting, because #yum.

With that said, we also hope Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts don’t start getting any ideas, because frankly, we’d like to enjoy our high-calorie indulgences without a side of nightmares, thank you very much.

Header image courtesy of Hurts Donut.

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