Food-inspired fashion may not be anything novel (just take a look at Jeremy Scott’s candy, pizza, and McDonald’s inspired collections), but for New York-based designer ChaCha, food IS fashion. And fashion tastes sweet.

Take a basic raspberry macaron, for instance. Aside from being one of the former Project Runway contestant’s favorite desserts, the French confection’s deep magenta hue has lent itself to a few of his most iconic pieces (including the beautiful asymmetrical silk dress in the video above).

The same obsession applies to strawberry ice cream, which has secured a spot among cupcakes and unicorns on ChaCha’s Instagram mood board.

“I’m really into sweet stuff,” he says. “I just want ice cream all the time.”

As a result of this sugary love affair, he’s created an over-the-top, avant-garde look titled “strawberry ice cream monster” that features layered fabrics, angel wings, and a picture of his own face. Inspired by Black Tap‘s oversized milkshakes, ChaCha has also produced a garment that mirrors the “silhouette” and “texture” of the M&M and cotton candy-lined indulgence.

When he’s not noshing on the best treats that New York has to offer, the Taiwanese-born creative contemplates cultural differences between America and his native country.

“Everybody loves to eat salad. It doesn’t make any sense,” he argues. “You just eat cold food. Coming from Taiwan, all of our meals—even breakfast—should be hot.” And while it may be your instinct to call out the hypocrisy of loving ice cream but hating cold cuisine, ChaCha says that “the weirdest thing about ice cream is that it’s cold, but it’s actually warm. It makes your stomach warm…it’s a Chinese thing.”

We’re sure there’s a science behind this statement, but we’ll just take his word for it. In the meantime, we’ll continue to wonder if he finds himself munching on fabric as he executes these designs. Who knew that fashion could make us so hungry?

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