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So you want to dress up as a chef for Halloween? No offense to the costume aisle, but we all know that standard baggy checkered pants and chef’s coat routine just isn’t going to cut it. There are some real characters to tap into here.

Of course, you could go super low-budget with it. For guys there’s the obvious, “throw on a blond wig and chef’s jacket and shout expletives at everyone until you’re red in the face” á la Gordon Ramsay. And ladies, you could go for a Giada-style thing by slipping into something body-conscious, rocking long wavy brown hair, and showing off how authentically you can pronounce Par-ME-GEE-Ano Reg-EE-Ano.

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Or, if you’re willing to invest in a couple more props, you could easily channel the iconic looks of a number of celebrity chefs. Here are six creepily clever ways to impersonate your favorite food star.

Sean Brock

Everybody knows that if you want to channel the modern day chef, you’ve gotta ink up. So sure, you could take the costume easy road and slip on some generic fake tattoo sleeves and a chef’s coat and claim to be a Food & Wine “Best New Chef.” But if you’re more about serving an attention-to-detail look, why not double-down on these temporary tats to recreate the vegetable patch bounty displayed on Sean Brock’s arms? Throw on some dark-rimmed specs and a signature tattered baseball cap (or this one, if you want to be really authentic) to complete the transformation into this Southern food heritage-celebrating chef.

Julia Child

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The basic recipe here is simple: Don a retro dress, kitten heels, apron, and a string of pearls or a vintage scarf tied into an ascot. But to really master the art of impersonation and transform yourself into the baroness of “bon appétit,” you’ll need to have a curly brown bob, Ecole des Gourmandes badge, and, last but not least, a rubber chicken to whack the hell out of when you’re good and loaded.

James Beard

To treat this Halloween as a tribute to the legendary American cook and author, you won’t need more than a bald cap, gray mustache, and signature overalls, button down, and colorful bowtie. Just make sure to have a couple of your coveted award medals on-hand in case you run into any dressed up chefs deserving commendation.

Guy Fieri

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Want to see a really spooky Halloween trick? Just put on a bleached blonde wig and goatee, retro bowling shirt, a couple pieces of mannery,  and wrap a pair of shiny cycling sunglasses around your neck, and magically, you’ll start shouting scary things like “We’re riding the bus to Flavortown!” and “This is money!”.

Swedish Chef

Dedicate your look this Halloween to the OG of celebrity chefs, your boy from back in the day on the Street, The Swedish Chef. The iconic muppet’s look is easy enough to recreate, you just need some untamable ginger brows and matching stache, a floppy chef’s toque, pink bow tie, blue-striped button down, and white apron. And don’t worry, all the drinks at the party will take care of the requisite talking gibberish bit.

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