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Happy Halloween! Or as I like to call it, the best day of the year. Hands down.

Apples UndercoverThe History of the Candy AppleHalloween is the one day where people actually encourage you to be extra. Thinking of spraying your hair a gross purple and dying your skin green? Go for it! The options on Halloween are literally limitless, so why confine the creativity to your own costume?

If you’re throwing a Halloween party (or if you’re just really hungry), you should dress your snacks up in costumes, too! Here’s a bunch of cute, spooky, and edible costumes to put on your candy apples. Bonus points if you and your apples match.

Jack Skellington

jack skellington candy apple

Wonky Wonderful

Perfect for those who just woke up from a coma and don’t know whether it’s Halloween or Christmas, Jack Skellington looks complicated, but is actually a super simple costume for an apple. What’s this? What’s this? Get the recipe.


spiderman candy apples


Not only do these apples look and taste awesome, but they’re also great for Halloween and literally any child’s birthday party. Throw on a fruit roll-up cape and one would even say these candy apples are…super (I’m sorry). Get the recipe.

Mickey Mouse

mickey mouse candy apple

Oh My Disney

These Mickey apples are ridiculously cute and have the added bonus of marshmallows for ears! An extra tip: Use red or pink chocolate melts to recreate those oh-so-original couple’s costumes you see at every party you’ve ever been to. Get the recipe.


maleficent candy apple

Rosanna Pansino

This one is legit. Put some evil in your party snacks with this insane recipe for an Angelina Jolie-level Maleficent candy apple. Get the recipe.


chocolate cat candy apple

Hungry Happenings

I saw this recipe and cracked up, because what Halloween party doesn’t have at least 16 cats? You could even make the ears longer for all the bunnies that are sure to be there, too, and with that you’ve probably covered a good 85% of any Halloween party. Get the recipe.


minions candy apple

Building Our Story

Well, because these little yellow guys are still relevant, they make for a quick and easy costumed candy apple. All you need to perfect this recipe is candy melts and gel frosting (hey, maybe you’d just need the frosting if you use a yellow apple! More bang for the buck, right?). Get the recipe.


BB-8 star wars candy apple

Savoring The Good

What’s Halloween without someone in a Star Wars-inspired costume? Now, that someone can be a candy apple. Follow this recipe for an intricate yet delicious BB-8. Get the recipe.

Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz)

wizard of oz candy apple

Frost Me

Okay, so this is a bit of a cop-out, but it’s still pretty obvious that this candy apple isn’t in Kansas anymore. Plus, if you forget to dress your apples, this is a great last-minute fix. Get the recipe.

Pumpkins, Witches, and Monsters

halloween decorated candy apples

The Partiologist

What’s Halloween without pumpkins, ghosts, scary monsters, mummies, witches, and vampires? Dress up an apple in all the classic costumes you can think of, thanks to this collection of cute and simple recipes. Get the recipes.

Olaf (Frozen)

olaf from frozen caramel pears

Ashlee Marie

I know that these are technically pears, but Olaf looks so much more like a pear than an apple, and I couldn’t resist the cuteness of this recipe. Some people are worth melting chocolate and caramel for. Get the recipe.


tie dye candy apples

Sugar And Charm

This is on the list solely because I am OBSESSED with decade-inspired costumes. Bring the 60s to your apples by tie-dying them! If you follow this recipe, you’ll have the grooviest apples at the party. You can even mix it up by experimenting with colors! Get the recipe.

Sugar Skulls

sugar skull candy apple

Craft Chica

You know those people who go ALL OUT on Halloween and decorate their entire face like a beautiful sugar skull? These candy apples are for those people. If you can get them to look this beautiful, good for you. Get the recipe.

Any Bloody Costume

bloody halloween candy apple

1 Fine Cookie

This apple is perfect for anyone who likes to pack on the fake blood. It looks totally spooky and weird, but I promise it tastes great! Get the recipe.

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Header image courtesy of Craft Chica.

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