Perhaps the only thing more enjoyable in life than eating is laughing. And thanks to New York’s premiere comedy club The Stand, the establishment has found a way to combine the best of both worlds.

As part of our Lets Talk About Food, Baby series, we sat down with double decker tour bus operator turned comedian Tim Dillon to walk us through the historic venue and its drool-worthy, over-the-top menu options.

“Most comedy clubs have food that makes you wish you were at a bowling alley,” he says. “Here you get a great meal and a comedy show.”

Comfort dishes like lobster truffle macaroni and cheese and rock shrimp tempura are just a few highlights with a Chianti and sweet sake braised short rib sitting pretty as the star entree.

“This is my favorite dish here,” he attests. “This is something that will get you through whatever you’re going through… divorce, breakup—whatever you need— you got fired, this is it.”

Aside from tried and true flavor combos, The Stand prides itself on innovative cooking that is as colorful as the material performed on stage. Take, for instance, their famous tuna tartare that is served in an unexpected and savory cannoli shell. This unique twist on a timeless classic is then topped with one simple slice of cucumber to refresh the palate and introduce a lighter taste element

“One word can change the entire meaning of a joke and make it work or make it not work,” says Dillion, who suggests that the same can be applied to an ingredient like the tartare’s cucumber.

So whether you’re looking for a laugh or an unconventional foray into fine dining, The Stand may end up near the top of your NYC bucket list. And if the comedian bombs and you want to show your disapproval, throwing short rib or lobster truffle mac ‘n cheese towards the stage is certainly a more delicious alternative than rotten tomatoes.

Joey is a NYC-based writer/editor, TV/radio personality, editor-at-large for Chowhound, author of "Basic Bitchen," and host of "Dish This." His work has been featured in outlets like Food & Wine, People, InStyle, Travel+Leisure, and BuzzFeed. Prior to a career in editorial, he served as the lead publicist for hit TLC shows like "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," "My Strange Addiction," and "My Crazy Obsession." In his spare time, he enjoys volleyball, visiting the beaches of Naples, Fla. (his hometown), worshipping Beyoncé, eating sour candy, writing depressing poetry, interior design, and perfecting his stand-up comedy routine. He's also been struck by lightning—quite the shocking experience.
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