We love chocolate in all its forms, from darkest dark to milky white (even though that’s not technically chocolate, it’s close enough, and it’s delicious). No matter what shade or intensity, chocolate never really gets old. But now, for the first time in 80 years, we’re saying hey to a totally new kind of cacao: ruby chocolate.

Rather than the deep red its admittedly delightful name suggests, it’s really more of a lovely blush shade of pink (kind of like Millennial Pink, in fact), which occurs naturally and is derived from the ruby cocoa bean. Absolutely no dyes, food coloring, or artificial flavors here!

Speaking of flavor, ruby chocolate is purported to have an intense taste of “berry-fruitiness” quite unlike any of the milky, bitter, or sweet flavors we’ve come to know and love in chocolate, and to possess a “luscious smoothness.” Sign us up!

The chocolate innovation was many years in the making, as Swiss confectioner Barry Callebaut worked to develop a process to unlock the ruby cocoa bean’s beguiling natural color and flavor. The new chocolate opens up a whole new world of sweet possibilities, but we’ll have to wait a while yet to sample them ourselves. It was just debuted at an exclusive launch event in Shanghai, but since Barry Callebaut doesn’t sell directly to consumers, it could take 6 months or so for chocolate manufacturers to make something of the new ruby chocolate and get it to market.

We’re sure we’ll be tickled pink by the results. (And stuffing our faces with old school dark, milk, and white chocolate in the meanwhile.)

Header image courtesy of Barry Callebaut Group.

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