With the sad but fairly predictable demise of the once critically acclaimed television show The O.C. at the end of February, one erstwhile producer plans to use his newfound free time to stick his finger in the restaurant business—by buying up a joint heavily featured on his now-canceled show.

This week it was announced that executive producer McG is taking over ownership of The Arches.

Name-dropping Gary Cooper, Humphrey Bogart, and John Wayne, the current restaurant’s website declares, “The Arches became known as the place where famous people would go who wanted to find privacy.” In the last four years, it has also become known to O.C.-philes as the elegant establishment where the rich and fictional O.C. denizens staged their many fights, make-up dinners, make-out lunches, and drink-in-the-face incidents.

McG will not have possession of the famous name, however. The current owner, Dan Marcheano, explains that while McG (who does this guy think he is, Prince?) is taking over the physical location of the Arches, the executive producer will not own the famous name. Marcheano will be keeping that and moving his business to a new location.

Marcheano said he has for years planned to expand the restaurant’s menu and move it—and that’s coming to fruition.

‘We have got a couple very nice locations we’re involved in right now…. We own the Arches and the corporation, and they’ll be moving with us,’ Marcheano said. ‘What I don’t know is what he is going to call the place, other than I know he is not going to be calling it the Arches.’

Whatever McG names his new establishment, I sure hope he puts “fresh margs” on the cocktail menu.

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