Epicurious’s new video and blog series promises to “infiltrate the Culinary Institute of America.” Apparently by “infiltrate” they mean “run an infomercial for,” judging from an early look.

The feature will include blogs from four chefs-in-training (for now those sections say “coming soon”) and regular video installments (at the moment the only ones up are those four students’ audition reels). The current clips are basically bland introductions to four nice people who seem to love cooking and love their school—kind of like those chipper guys and gals who walk around backward leading tour groups of prospective college students. Case in point from Jared, the nutrition-conscious Canadian, as he introduces some friends to the camera:

These are two of my best guys in my class. We get along well, very well. We’re in the same writing class, too, and we share a passion for our teacher. He is so good!

Not that this rah-rah tone is so surprising, since the CIA logos and links “for more information” on every page of the feature make it clear that this is advertorial, not an investigative report. And this format does have its benefits—perhaps it will focus more on the food than some shows we know, without getting bogged down in personal drama.

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