If you haven’t already heard, the moon has been feeling a bit under-appreciated lately, so she’s decided to block out the attention-seeking sun and take a day entirely for herself. All eyes (protected, we hope) will be on her as she orbits directly in front of Earth’s biggest star (the sun) and steals the Western Hemisphere spotlight. In Hollywood, we call this diva behavior “the struggles of being famous.” In astronomy, we call this a solar eclipse.

Since Monday is the moon’s day and the moon’s day only, it only makes sense to celebrate her existence with appropriately-titled and uber-thematic moon pies. And since moon pies are now so much more than graham cracker and marshmallow cookies dipped in chocolate, we’ve rounded up seven unique iterations that are worthy of a spot at any solar eclipse viewing party. Scroll down to check them out.

Traditional Moon Pies

Garden and Gun

Let’s get back to basics (just like one of Christina Aguilera’s best-selling albums). If you’re looking for a recipe that mirrors the original, look no further. This one will have you feeling all kinds of nostalgic. Get the recipe.

Moon Pie Pie

Sugar Hero

“When the moon hits your eye like a moon pie pie” is definitely not how “Amore” goes, but it’s certainly something you can sing on the 21st. Just don’t sing it *too* loudly, please. Get the recipe.

Moon Pie Cupcakes

The Pinterest Kitchen

Practically anything can be turned into a cupcake and we fully support the use of marshmallow fluff as a filling in most dessert recipes. These may or may not also taste better than s’mores. Yep, we went there. Get the recipe.

Moon Pie Cheesecake Sticks


You can pretty much add cream cheese to any dessert, call it cheesecake, and we’ll come running, fork in hand. These moon pie cheesecake sticks are obviously no exception. Get the recipe.

Moon Pie Bread Pudding

The Country Farm Home

There’s no resisting this ooey, gooey treat with actual moon pies baked into it. Now that’s something we’d travel to space for. Get the recipe.

Moon Pie Brownies

Big Bear’s Wife

Marshmallow-topped brownies with a layer of graham cracker make entirely too much sense. In fact, we’re surprised that we hadn’t already come up with this ourselves. Get the recipe.

Red Velvet Moon Pies

Sweet Apolita

It wouldn’t be a dessert round-up without turning something into red velvet. Is anything sacred anymore? All signs and hungry bellies point to “no.” Get the recipe.

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