It turns out that, at Hong Kong-style Prince Cafe–whose menu includes such dishes as Japanese ramen, escargot, peanut butter porky bun, Denmark pork chop and a spam and egg sandwich–the thing NOT to order is the shrimp wonton noodle soup, as Dave MP recently found out. Instead, accept the place for what it is: American and European food, made by Chinese folks especially for Chinese audiences. This might sound suspicious at first, but if you’ve ever experienced the comforts of a Japanese home-style omelet filled with fried rice and ketchup, you will understand the possibilities here. So order the sizzling black pepper spaghetti. Or the borscht.

The presence of borscht on the menu is actually a good indicator that you’re dealing with a Hong Kong-style cafe. Hong Kong-style places often serve a tomato-based borscht, made with beef, potatoes, and cabbage, rather than the familiar beet-based variety, says Gary Soup.

PeterL recommends the Portuguese-influenced Macau Cafe, located in the Ranch 99 mall in Richmond, which offers a slightly different take on the standard Hong Kong-style tea cafes. anna thinks St. Anna Cafe Shop is one of the better Hong Kong-style cafés around in terms of food and value, and also recommends Denny’s Café (NOT to be confused with Denny’s Restaurant, of Grand Slam Breakfast fame) and Broadway Bistro in Burlingame, the latter of which serves an unusually wide variety of food.

Prince Cafe [Richmond]
5423 Geary Blvd., San Francisco

St. Anna Cafe Shop [Chinatown]
326 8th St., Oakland

Macau Cafe [East Bay]
a.k.a. Orchid Bowl Cafe
3288 Pierce St., Richmond

Denny’s Cafe [Richmond]
5530 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco


Broadway Bistro [Peninsula]
349 Broadway St., Millbrae

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