If eating Taco Bell is already like swallowing a hot sauce-doused flail, you’ll certainly want to steer clear of their latest menu item: the Firecracker Burrito. The limited edition, SoCal-based indulgence packs a punch with not only the fast food chain’s notoriously gut-busting cuisine, but also the addition of taste bud-interactive childhood favorite: Pop Rocks.

According to FoodBeast, the wrap is offered in two forms (cheesy and spicy) and is stuffed with rice, nacho cheese, sour cream, red tortilla strips, and ground beef. Both options are encased in a red tortilla, but the spicy iteration gets Taco Bell’s signature chipotle sauce for added heat. For an additional 20 cents, customers can add a packet of “cayenne popping crystals,” which are essentially sweet and spicy Pop Rocks.

Needless to say, this experience is a sensory overload. But is it a surprise coming from the restaurant that brought us a waffle taco, Cheetos burrito, fried chicken-wrapped Chalupa, or chicken chips? No, no it’s not. In fact, it seems very in line with Taco Bell’s marketing goals and overall mission of pushing the culinary envelope with creative collaborations. We’re honestly surprised they didn’t think of something like this sooner.

The Firecracker Burrito is said to be on the verge of “too sweet” with the presence of popping candy (#duh), but we must keep in mind that the product is in testing mode and not available nationwide. In fact, you can only pick up this bad boy at four locations in Santa Ana, Tustin, and Anaheim.

Consider us intrigued…very, very intrigued. We wonder what we’ll have to do to get one of these in NYC. Does anyone have the mailing address for Taco Bell’s CEO Brian Niccol? A handwritten note usually suffices (or at least that is what we were taught in elementary school).

Header image courtesy of Mark Newcombe/REX/Shutterstock.

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