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When it comes to wine, there’s not much to complain about. In fact, it’s essentially the only thing that gets us through the end of a long work week. (That and the prospect of sleeping in and devouring a stack of pancakes on Saturday morning. But we digress.)

Though sipping on Chardonnay or a stiff red is always a good time, the nightly weekly routine has gotten a little stale. Luckily for us, the world of wine product creators has taken a more humorous approach to some of its latest offerings, making the act of drinking a little less desperate, and more entertaining (though there will always be that fine line).

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite gadgets to hit the market. Grab a bottle, your favorite glass, and scroll down to check them out. Cheers!

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Reusable Canvas Flask, $19.99 on Amazon


That weekend hike with your in-laws sounds a little less horrible now, doesn’t it? Stock up and stay hydrated. And by hydrated, we really mean pump your veins with the good stuff and enjoy nature at your own pace.Buy Now

BigMouth Wine Bottle Glass, $14.99 on Amazon


They say a glass of wine a day can keep the doctor away. We say we found our glass.Buy Now

Turtle Wine Holder, $23.44 on Amazon


Come out of your shell and share your stash with turtle friends. This guy wants to keep you company, but he’s a bit of a bottle hog. Bartender, cut him off, why don’t you?Buy Now

Bull Bottle Stopper & Aerator, $16.09 on Amazon


Aerating your wine helps to keep it dry, smooth, and crisp. It’s an investment any wine-o should make if he or she wants to ensure a quality pour. And that’s no bull.Buy Now

Wine Condoms, 6 for $13.97 on Amazon


Safety first, wine-loving friends. Stay protected with these clever condoms. And if it’s your first time, don’t be too nervous. They’re easy to use and you’re in control.Buy Now

Corkscrew Screwdriver and Hammer, $17.17 on Amazon


Getting hammered is taken quite literally with this multi-purpose tool (though we’re not entirely sure we want to encourage handiwork while drinking). Don’t drink and drill.Buy Now

Skybar Wine Chill Drops, 2 for $24.99 on Amazon

wine chiller


These space-age looking devices chill your white wine to optimal temperatures in seconds. And nobody wants warm white wine.Buy Now

Pig Cork Holder, $39.99 on Amazon


If there’s one thing that’s going to enjoy eating your leftover corks, it’s a pig. But when will this adorable holder ever NOT be full of your Happy Hour leftovers? When pigs can fly.Buy Now

Carafe with Oak Stopper, $36.99 on Amazon


So simple, yet so pretty. It’s one of those purchases you’ll probably stare at for three months, but never use. Or you’ll just play with the oak ball stopper until it rolls under your couch and you forget about its existence altogether.Buy Now

Wine Door Stopper, $14.39 on Amazon


Invite people into your drinking lair, but only if they come prepared with bottles. Should they show up empty-handed, turn them away and tell them to come back with triple the amount you already have. It’s only fair.Buy Now

Pinot Noir Bottle Candle, $14.93 on Amazon


Those notes of blackberry and vanilla may be getting lost on the tongue, but this candle offers drinkers a full sensory experience. Because why should you just sip your wine when you can also smell it?Buy Now

Wine-Themed Coasters, 4 for $14.99


These aren’t going to stop you from spilling your favorite Merlot all over your friend’s white blouse, but they’ll make you chuckle. On a Friday afternoon after a hellish week, that’s all that matters.Buy Now

Long Stem Champagne Flute, $54.99 on Amazon


We want to cheers everyone with these things. The stem is tragically attention-seeking, but still classy AF. How unfortunate it will be when we fill these with André and not Dom Pérignon.Buy Now

Riedel Eve Wine Decanter, $389 on Amazon


This may resemble a snake, but it’s far from scary (well, except for the price tag). In fact, please bring us all the venom. K, thanks.Buy Now

Fredette 5-Piece Wine Decanter Set, $33.99 at Wayfair

wine decanter set


For something more affordable but still delightfully eye-catching, you can’t beat this wine decanter with smaller wine decanters hanging off it. A conversation piece for sure, and a great way to get your best wine properly aerated.Buy Now

Now for the most important part check out these wine subscriptions to toast to each month.

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