As a former Iron Chef, Bobby Flay knows what it’s like to be part of a Winner’s Circle. But now, the Food Network personality and restaurateur will be stepping into a different kind of arena: horse race commentating.

To many of his fans’ surprise, Flay is actually no stranger the world of horse racing and breeding. In June, he bought a 25 percent stake in racehorse J Boys Echo after cashing in on last year’s Belmont winner, Creator. Now, the TV personality was tapped by NBC to cover the Whitney Stakes from Saratoga on Saturday and his expertise could not have been more welcomed.

“I’ve done partial things like this before, but not on NBC Sports at this magnitude, being surrounded by people who are incredibly professional at this,” Flay told Newsday. “That said, I have been doing television for 20 years, so that’s not really going to be the issue.”

In addition to having the moolah to drop on trophy-winning horses, Flay is also a member of the board of directors for both the New York Racing Association and Breeders’ Cup. He served as a chef for the Kentucky Derby this year.

“I participate at every level in the horse business,” he said. “I’m at the sales, I’m not just on the telephone. I’m at the tracks in the morning watching the workouts and talking to the trainers. I certainly feel part of the community.”

And it looks like the community has also embraced Flay. Though there are no immediate plans to have the chef back on television in this capacity, it doesn’t look like it will be his last time.

“We’ll see. Why not? It’s certainly one of my passions in life,” he said.

Needless to say, we don’t think controversial horse meat will be ending up on one of his menus any time soon.

Header image courtesy of Food Network.

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