Truer words had never been spoken when Oprah Winfrey announced to the world that she, indeed, loves bread. We feel you, girl. In fact, we now relate to you more than ever.

Bread is, quite simply, the bomb and we’re not entirely sure why so many Americans have ditched it in their never-ending quest to be skinny. When you dip a fresh loaf in some olive oil or lather it in butter, isn’t the thought of being thin just so overrated? If your answer is no, remind us to never invite you to one of our dinner parties. You’re going to hate it.

To celebrate oat, rye, sourdough, and nearly all of life’s drool-worthy varieties, we’ve gathered eight kitchen essentials for any bread lover to have on hand. Don’t even act like you won’t be using all of these, perhaps simultaneously, because that would be a straight up lie.

Metal Bread Bin


You obviously need a place to store that loaf you just slaved over (or effortlessly tossed into a bread machine), so make sure your storage options are adorable with this metal bread bin. And if you don’t have bread to store a) why? and b) use it for other kitchen items while expressing your love for grains. Buy it here.

Smeg Toaster


If you’re anything like us, you use a toaster more often than not. Ensure that it has major counter appeal by buying a futuristic Smeg. We guarantee that early mornings will be slightly more bearable, it not trendy. Buy it here.

Bread Knife


Everyone needs a good bread knife and a Komachi certainly does the trick. Avoid slicing while hungry or you’ll end up with red stuff all over your bread that isn’t strawberry jam. Buy it here.

Ceramic Cow Butter Dish


You can’t have bread without butter, and you can’t have butter without a cow, which means this dish comes completely full circle in a way you never really anticipated or asked for, but we’re telling you anyway. Can’t we all just spread in peace?  Buy it here.

Flatbread, Pita, and Tortilla Maker


Bread comes in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to have an appliance that caters to your mood. Needless to say, this may be your new favorite thing to use, especially during taco night. Buy it here.

Oil Dispenser


Since you can never have too much olive oil, it’s important to find a dispenser with a wide mouth. This modern, lime green option will suit your dipping needs, but just be sure to pour with caution. You don’t want any oil to go to waste. Buy it here.

Baguette Pan


“Marie, the baguettes, hurry up!” may now apply to you in your poor, provincial town, especially if you own one of these unique contraptions. Better get baking soon or you’ll continue to annoy the hungry villagers. Buy it here.

Bread Plate


Oh, la, la! This gold plate is fit for a carb king or queen. We don’t feel worthy enough to be in its presence, though we’ll pretend like we do anyway. Buy it here.

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