Friday Food Finds decided to take a long weekend, so we’re coming to you live from Monday. (Sorry for any confusion).

We sat down with Taylor and the gang on Sirius XM’s Wake Up with Taylor this morning for a crunch-heavy taste testing of chips, crackers, granola, and chicharrones (the sexy way to say “pork rinds”). We then washed it down with a summer-appropriate iced tea from DavidsTea. But how did everything fare with the self-proclaimed harshest critics on radio?  Check out the audio clip and full rundown below.

4505 Chicharrones

If the idea of eating deep-fried pork skin intimidates you, this gourmet version of a meaty classic is guaranteed to change your perspective. It’s like eating a salty, airy rice cake, but way more addictive. Considering the brand’s high protein content, this paleo snack may also be your new favorite potato chip alternative. Frankly, when has pork ever failed you? Never, that’s when.

Lay’s Fried Green Tomato Ruffles

We don’t care what Taylor thinks, these are one of the best chips to come out of Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” contest. They may taste nothing like an actual fried green tomato, but the ketchupy, garlicky seasoning almost resembles that of a Big Mac. And that’s obviously never a bad thing. We also tried the Everything Bagel and Crispy Taco varieties, both of which failed to live up to our expectations. While the Crispy Taco successfully captured the essence of a standard taco (cumin and all), it was boring. The Everything Bagel was simply Sour Cream and Onion disguised as a fancy new flavor. A major whomp, whomp.

Living Intentions Activated Sprouted Trail Mix (Spicy Mango)

The name is a little bit pretentious (which is certainly going to alienate your everyday consumer), but the product is decent. We weren’t huge fans of the actual mango (hard enough to break a tooth), but the added spice was nice. Try one of their granolas or sprouted nut and seed blends instead. The banana hemp cereal is one of our favorites!

Primizie Crispbread (Gouda & Garlic, Dolce Caramel)

Primizie is a mouthful to say and to eat and our overall thoughts were quite polarizing. If you like a cracker with a lot of flavor, these are for your. If you’re looking for a dip vessel, opt for a Stacy’s naked pita chip instead. The thickness level is also something you’ll need to get used to if you’re typically noshing on a Wheat Thin.

DavidsTea Strawberry Lemonade Iced Tea

Ding, ding, ding! We have a summer winner right here. Iced tea is already a delicious and healthy alternative to sugar-laden soft drinks, but DavidsTea’s line of iced varieties is fantastic. We sampled the strawberry lemonade flavor, which offered a perfectly balanced level of all-natural sweetness and tartness. Those who are constantly on the go should also invest in the iced tea press to make a quick batch for the road. It’s a contraption that you’ll use more often than you think.

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