We all have that one friend. That friend who has to perform every basic task with just the slightest (or most outrageous) degree of spunk or dramatic flair. In layman’s terms, we refer to this friend as attention-seeking. In millennial terms, we refer to this friend as “extra.”

There’s certainly a negative association with being certifiably extra, but those who’ve embraced their “extra-ness” can also be quite entertaining and, at times, very endearing.

Humans are not alone. In fact, a quick search on Amazon led us to nine kitchen gadgets that embody everything it means to be unnecessarily over-the-top in both design and purpose.

Scroll down to check them out. They should make perfect gifts for that extra friend who also happens to enjoy cooking.

Pistachio Serving Bowl


God forbid the pistachios are served in a bowl that doesn’t resemble their exact shape and color. The nerve of you lazy party hosts. Buy it here.

Sponge Holder Bed 


You’re not the only one tired of doing dishes. The fluffed pillows are a bit much, though. Buy it here.

Lochness Monster Soup Ladle


Unlike the elusive Lochness, this is a soup that wants to be seen (and tasted) by everyone. Oh, the irony. Buy it here.

Horse-Shaped Spaghetti Measurer 


The art of eyeballing pasta is long forgotten. We now have horse-shaped instruments to measure for us. Buy it here.

Automatic Cat Toothpick Holder/Dispenser


The things we have to go through to get a toothpick around here. (Honestly, we actually find this super cute. We just probably wouldn’t have it on full display.) Buy it here.

Soap Dispenser and Dish Brush Set


A basic sponge also works, but by all means, use the contraption that’s only big enough to clean a spoon. Buy it here.

Egg on Nest Salt and Pepper Shaker


The only thing that’s going to hatch is higher blood pressure with too much salt. Buy it here.

“Oiladdin” Oil Pourer and Stopper


If this grants three wishes, then it absolutely deserves a place on our kitchen counter. If it doesn’t, then kick it off the magic carpet and into the recycling bin. Buy it here.

Soup and Cracker Mug


Resting crackers on a table is tough work. Luckily, this mug has got you covered. Just don’t try to sip from it, because then it does exactly the opposite of what it was built to do. Buy it here.

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