If you’re one caffeine withdrawal away from sticking a permanent IV of coffee into your veins, don’t fret. We’ve found a new way for you to get over that mid-afternoon slump with cookies, and brownies, and cakes, oh my!

Meet coffee flour: the latest flour alternative that can make all your favorite baked goods just a little bit healthier.

What is coffee flour?

The once discarded fruit or “cherry” that surrounds a coffee bean. It is dried and milled into a consistency that resembles cocoa powder and can be used as a replacement flour in baking and cooking. Typically, coffee flour should replace ten to 20 percent of the flour you’re planning to use and not used entirely by itself. What makes coffee flour even more special is its sustainability. It was once considered a waste and is now a superfood! A reminder to dream big, folks.

Does coffee flour actually taste like coffee?

No. In fact, it has more of a floral and citrusy taste when baked. The actual coffee bean isn’t utilized, so don’t expect latte-flavored everything (though that would be amazing).

What are coffee flour’s health benefits?

When it comes to vitamins and nutrients, coffee flour packs a huge punch. It boasts heavy iron and potassium content, while surpassing the amount of protein found in a single serving of kale. Additionally, it is jam-packed with antioxidants, fiber, and is naturally gluten-free.

How much caffeine is actually in coffee flour?

Not as much as you think, but a significant amount. One serving size is comparable to a piece of dark chocolate.

Ready to take your coffee addiction to the next level? Try one of these four recipes that highlight the unique ingredient.

Coffee Flour Brownies

If there’s one sweet that can adapt to different flours, it’s a brownie. Have you ever met a baked good that’s more versatile in flavor and texture? We think not.

Coffee Flour Coconut Cookies

Fearless Dining

These may sound too healthy to be dessert, but we can ensure you that they earn the post-meal binge seal of approval. In fact, they may replace your standard chocolate chip variety. Get the recipe.

Coffee Flour Granola


Whether you toss it in yogurt or throw it into trail mix, this energy-boosting granola is exactly what will jump start your day (or your hike in the woods). Get the recipe.

Chocolate Coffee Flour Muffins


We’re nuts for nuts and these muffins don’t skimp. Don’t let the charcoal-esque color turn you away either. It’s chocolate, which is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Get the recipe.

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