Your 3 AM trip home from the club just got a lot more comfortable.

Transportation service Uber has teamed up with Cargo, a tech startup that supplies rideshare drivers with seat-side vending machines. The in-car contraption (and tell-tale sign that the future has, indeed, arrived) allows passengers to purchase anything from chips and energy drinks to over-the-counter medicine and USB cords. Some vehicles even contain freebies like Cheez-Its and Blowfish hangover tablets (#necessary).

To participate, drivers can request their free display case from Cargo’s website. If customers are en route and see something they like, they simply log on to Cargo’s rider page, type in the vehicle’s unique code number, and order the product. The service conveniently accepts credit cards and mobile payments.

While noshing on snacks and listening to a custom playlist (already an Uber luxury) sounds like a drunken rideshare dream, the driver also benefits from your purchases. Those who partner with Cargo will receive 50 cents for each sale, in addition to the reputation of being the best Uber driver around town. And since those 5 star ratings matter more than ever now,

Unfortunately for most of the country, the service only operates in New York, Chicago, and Boston, but it looks like the company has plans to expand nationwide. Requests have been received from all 50 states and the team has raised nearly $1.75 million in funding.

We don’t want to do all of the work for them, but here are some early requests for future Cargo box components: a mini bar and cocktail mixing kit (perfect for pre-gaming), disposable flats (so ladies can kick off their stilettos), chewing gum, mini perfume and cologne samples, hand sanitizer, oil blotting sheets, funky sunglasses, a city restaurant guide, book of crossword puzzles and Sudoku, lottery tickets, bottled water, and double-stuffed Oreos (because duh).

Header image courtesy of Cargo.

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