Step aside, Swedish Fish Oreos and Top Ramen Pringles. You have absolutely nothing on the latest amalgamation that’s taken the world of food editorial by storm: cake-stuffed Kit Kats. That’s right, the decadent dessert, formally known as Chocolatory Gateau Mignon Kit Kat, exists and it’s pretty much all we can think about.

Unfortunately for most of us, we’ll have to travel to Japan’s Kit Kat Chocolatory (a.k.a. heaven on earth)  in Tokyo for a sample. The “soft and chewy piece of gateau chocolate cake” inside the top layer of a standard Kit Kat was designed by Japanese pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi and is packaged in a box of three and sold for $13 (For double the price, you’ll get a box of six.). Apparently it took Takagi over a year to develop a fondant-style cake that complemented the Kit Kat in texture and sweetness, which means these are more than deserving of their luxury food item price tag. And as a further incentive to try the creation, the first 85 customers to purchase a box of three Gateau Mignon Kit Kats will also receive a free piece of the chocolate gateau that is used to make the bars.

Nestlé Japan

In addition to the cakey Kat, Nestlé Japan will be rolling out a bevy of other chocolatey offerings for the store’s grand reopening. There’s a Kit Kat Chocolatory Parfait which includes ice cream, chocolate fondant, fresh fruit, and three different fruit-flavored Kit Kats. Additionally, the Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Original Message service will print custom messages on the surface of Kit Kat bars, while the Below Freezing Chocolatory serves frozen Moleson Kit Kats with toppings, as well as wafer bars stuffed with ice cream.

Needless to say, we now know why Godzilla attacked Tokyo all along. He wanted to get his hands on a cake-filled Kit Kat.

Header image courtesy of Nestlé Japan.

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