The future of theme park eating is now. And no, we’re not talking about Dippin’ Dots (which may want to update its tagline, considering the “ice cream of the future” was invented in 1988).

At last week’s D23 Expo, Disney announced plans to open a space-themed restaurant at Epcot. Boasting views of the galaxy and the ability to “travel high above the Earth,” the table-service establishment will be built next to shuttle simulation attraction Mission:SPACE (appropriate), which will also be undergoing a necessary upgrade.

The news comes in preparation of Walt Disney World‘s 35th anniversary. In addition to the new restaurant, the parks will be getting a Ratatouille ride, Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster, and the highly-anticipated Star Wars land (complete with a giant cantina and themed hotel). Sounds like the mouse and his friends are certainly outdoing themselves!

While a menu for the space restaurant has yet to be released, we can imagine that it will consist of astronaut food and other dehydrated items. It would also be an ideal opportunity to incorporate levels of molecular gastronomy and lots and lots of liquid nitrogen. Aliens enjoy a cocktail that’s cold and smoky, right?

The location will be owned and managed by Patina Restaurant Group, which already runs nine dining operations throughout the park, including Tutto Italia, Morimoto Asia, and Via Napoli. Patina is also at the helm of dozens of Los Angeles and New York City-based establishments, including Kendall’s Brasserie, La Fonda Del Sol, and Lincoln Ristorante,

Needless to say, we’re excited for a dining experience that will truly be out of this world. And by out of this world, we mean in Orlando. Have you been there this time of year? That humidity (along with fanny packs and other questionable tourist fashion choices) is unearthly.

(h/t Eater)

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