Burgers may be most commonly associated with summer BBQs, football games, and weekend calorie splurges, but Umami Burger hopes to make them a staple during breakfast time. (At least for all of you city dwellers who are on the go and in need of some serious AM fuel.).

“There is always a place for fast casual, and I think that’s why you’re seeing so many businesses like Umami in areas where time is limited,” say Umami Burger COO Gregg Frazer. “Breakfast is traditionally a much faster speed of service.”

Boasting an impressive résumé as former head chef at Philadelphia’s Le Bec-Fin and the Four Seasons hotels in West Palm Beach and Sydney, it wasn’t until January 2015 when Frazer made his first foray into the land of burgers and fries.

“Most diners, nowadays, they want something a little more quick [and] easy,” he says. “But still where you’re executing the basics at a high level.”

Umami Burger has managed to bridge this divide by offering drool-worthy, gourmet-style burgers at an affordable price point. Now that they’ve entered the breakfast arena, they’re hoping to bring the same quality ingredients, convenience, and low cost to their morning menu; no easy feat considering Manhattan’s bustling breakfast competition.

“From a business perspective, if you already have your electricity on and your staff and team members working, why wouldn’t you want to open up and create a revenue stream there where you traditionally didn’t have one?” says Frazer.

We sat down with the chef at his Hudson Hotel location to chat about the chain’s latest venture into eggs, sausage, and hash browns, as well as his own unique journey from fine dining to fast casual. Check out the video above and be sure to stop by one of Umami Burger’s 26 locations to experience their burgers for yourself.

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