They say that good things come in threes (aside from deaths, of course), and this could not be more true for Brandless: the first online grocery store to offer all of its products at a $3 price point.

Coconut oil? $3. Toothpaste? $3. Mechanical pencils? Still $3. We’re having trouble wrapping our heads around it.

The San Francisco and Minneapolis-based company is an answer to BrandTax, the price you pay for brand name groceries from big-name stores like Walmart, Amazon, and Fresh Direct. By eliminating distributor fees and other expenses associated with more traditional retail models, Brandless can sell their own products, but without the crazy mark-up. In fact, they’re also able to shift their focus on offering quality, wholesome items with no frills, inexpensive packaging. It’s like online Whole Foods, but without having a million brands to choose from.


“We feel like as a nation, we have become quite polarized, and we see all people as the same,” co-founder Tina Sharkey told NBC News. “We deeply believe people being able to live their values. It shouldn’t come at a price.”

You’ll have to pay shipping, of course, with a $9 flat rate, but it’s free if your cart adds up to more than $72. Frankly, we’re used to spending double that amount on a bi-weekly basis, so adding 24 items shouldn’t be an issue.

We’re most curious to see if they’ll head down the road of fresh grocery items, though, because $3 salmon and steaks sound pretty good to us. Grocery Gods, hear our prayer.

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