Liquid nitrogen may look fun and pretty, but it serves a purpose beyond soliciting the expected “oohs” and “ahhs” from easily-entertained (a.k.a. tipsy) bar patrons. Just ask The Tuck Room‘s Adam Seger, a master in creative cocktail making.

In tandem with a team of innovative, bold, and risk-taking mixologists, Seger has created a menu that celebrates alcohol’s flavor, science, and, most importantly, versatility. From Drunken Doughnuts (including a 151-proof whipped cream and boozy sauces) to the liquor-infusing Heisenberg (a mixing and filtering contraption that looks straight out of Breaking Bad), no idea is seemingly too challenging or out of the ordinary.

Perhaps the most captivating element of Seger’s craft is his commitment to using only fresh ingredients. Whether it’s a farmer’s market fruit or restaurant-grown herb, each component capitalizes on all of the senses for a drinking experience that rivals that of eating. Something as simple as a radler (shandy with grapefruit juice) or as complex as a Chicago style hot dog whiskey smells and looks as good as it tastes and feels going down. It’s all about striking a balance.

We caught up the head bartender and advanced sommelier for a lesson in concocting modern cocktails. Check it out in the clip above and prepare to be inspired. Or just prepare to up your homemade happy hour game with these helpful tips and recipes.

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