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We didn’t think it was possible but if you’re actually getting tired of traditional hummus we’ve got 10 unique spins on hummus to keep things interesting.

Oh, hummus. We can’t find the proper words to capture our love for thee. You’re creamy, you’re velvety, you’re healthy, you double as a dip and spread. Not many snacks can rival such versatility and texture. You’re simply perfect.

Okay, so perfect may be an exaggeration for any food (other than peanut butter or cheese, of course), but hummus is pretty damn great. What also makes it great? Its ability to adapt to outside flavors (chips, vegetables, bread, etc.) and become enhanced with unusual ingredients like sweet potato, pistachios, and chocolate (that’s right..chocolate).

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Because we love hummus so much, we eat it. A lot. And that means the more great recipe spins on hummus we can find the better. You know, just in case. It turns out food bloggers and recipe developers have come up with some pretty inventive hummus recipes since the Mediterranean dip first took off into the mainstream.

We’ve rounded up 10 hummus recipes featuring bizarre, albeit delicious alterations, to the timeless dip that we’re dying to try. Scroll down, embrace the weirdness, and check them out (and then make some) for yourself.

Thai Peanut Hummus

You don’t have to jet to Southeast Asia to enjoy the tastes of Thailand. And honestly, we’ll find any excuse to add peanuts to anything. Get the Thai Peanut Hummus recipe.

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Vegan Beet Hummus

This is a dazzling (some would say alarming) shade of magenta thanks to beets, which also happen to make it super healthy. So keep dipping, guilt-free. Get the Vegan Beet Hummus recipe.

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Cool Ranch Doritos Hummus

This is a really dangerous snack to make if you participate in certain late-night, weekend activities. Try dunking an actual Cool Ranch Dorito for an experience that’ll get your tastebuds high. So meta. Get the Cool Ranch Doritos Hummus recipe.

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Cauliflower Hummus

Cauliflower rice gets all of the love, but it’s cauliflower hummus that deserves a dip. Sure, it may be counterproductive if you go with a cracker, but we promise it’s worth the splurge in carbohydrates. Get the Cauliflower Hummus recipe.

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Buffalo Hummus

Franks-ly, we just need an excuse to make anything buffalo-style. Why not add it to one of our favorite foods for a spicy surprise? Top this with bleu cheese for an extra (and necessary) indulgence. Get the Buffalo Hummus recipe.

Black Bean and Chipolte Hummus

Is Mexicanize a word? Because this hummus has been Mexicanized by some smokey chipotle and nutritious black bean. Not the question is what chip fares best in the battle of hummus’ sidekick: tortilla or pita? Taste test both and report back, please. Get the Black Bean and Chipolte Hummus recipe.

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Sweet Potato and Turmeric Hummus

Turmeric has a bevy of proven health benefits, so this option is not only pretty but great for the beach bod. A true win-win, if you ask us. Get the Sweet Potato & Turmeric recipe.

Smoky Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus

It doesn’t need to be Uggs and PSL season to bust out the pumpkin puree and incorporate it into a summer recipe. Smoky chipotle makes anything a year-round hit. Get the Chipolte Pumpkin Hummus recipe.

Chocolate Hummus

What the what? You read it correctly. Chocolate hummus is definitely having a moment, for better or worse. You could try scooping up this dessert spread with sugar cookies or broken pieces of ice cream cone in place of pita. Get the Chocolate Hummus recipe.

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Lemon Hemp Hummus

This is very on-trend as CBD and hemp products have flooded the market so why should hummus be any different. This recipe uses hemp hearts (shelled seeds) that definitely won’t get you high. We promise. Get the Lemon Hemp Hummus recipe.

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