It may sound like one of Willy Wonka’s failed inventions (three course dinner gum, anyone?), but you can now purchase a “snortable” chocolate powder as an all-natural way to get high.

Coco Loko, the latest product from Orlando-based Legal Lean, boasts an intimidating mix of cacao powder, gingko biloba, taurine, and gaurana (ingredients most frequently found in energy drinks). The effects are said to be a 30-minute to one hour buzz that is “almost like an energy-drink feeling, like you’re euphoric but also motivated to get things done.”

Legal Lean

Nick Anderson, Legal Lean’s founder, reveals that he was inspired to make the drug-free concoction after sampling a version in Europe. After much trial and error, Anderson and his team have now gone to market with a proprietary blend that has the FDA baffled about its regulation.

“In reaching that decision, FDA will need to evaluate the product labeling, marketing information, and/or any other information pertaining to the product’s intended use,” spokesman Peter Cassell told the Washington Post in an email.

Coco Loko isn’t Anderson’s first foray into the world of questionable “dietary supplements.” Two years ago, he launched an all-natural, grape-flavored syrup intended to mirror the cough variety that many people use (and abuse) during cold and allergy season. The company now sells 40,000-50,000 bottles a month.

While we applaud Anderson for his creativity and ability to capitalize on trends, we’re not entirely sure if we’re willing to ignore our tastebuds and sniff our chocolate. Frankly, it seems like a waste of cacao beans that could be produced for ganache, fudge, and other delicious chocolate-heavy treats. That being said, we’re sure the powder is a much healthier alternative to cocaine and other illicit drugs. So, “yay” to that and the reaffirmation that chocolate is, indeed, the most amazing (and versatile, apparently) dessert in the world.

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