Fire up the charcoal and crack open the rosé because the 4th of July has officially arrived. While you may already be salivating over hamburgers, hot dogs, and grandma’s famous potato salad, we taste-tested a bevy of summertime treats that could be exactly what your red, white, and blue-themed picnic needs.

Check out the full clip from Sirius XM’s Wake Up with Taylor below, as well as a breakdown of each product. We’re hoping sparks really fly when it comes to your taste buds.

Black Seed Bagel Sandwiches

Black Seed Bagel

Turning a bagel into sandwich bread is a damn good idea when you’re one of the most recognized bagel brands in North America. We sampled four of Black Seed‘s newest offerings and our thoughts certainly varied. The Mile High (turkey) was a bit boring, the Combo needed a dressing  and the Buffalo Cauliflower wasn’t spicy (kind of necessary for buffalo, right?). That being said, the bread is absolutely delicious and we were beyond obsessed with the chopped liver-based Banh Mi. Just bring on the bacon bits and spicy mayonnaise for everything in life.

KIND Fruit Bites


We have mixed opinions when it comes to KIND bars and their touted nutritional offerings, but these bites are unquestionably healthy. The only ingredients are various dried fruits and while they certainly resemble fish food or wood chips, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Throw these in your kids’ lunchbox as the perfect alternative to sugar-laden Shark Bites or Disney Princess fruit snacks.

Hi-Chew Bites


There’s a reason why Hi-Chews are the most popular candy in Japan. The sweet indulgences tick all of the boxes when it comes to smooth, chewy, tangy perfection. While these particular bites are a fun diversion from the norm (the grape tastes fantastic!), they don’t beat the original. Also, mango was just completely unappetizing. Taylor said it literally tasted like “a butt.”

GoodPop Popsicles


Hallelujah! The folks at GoodPop have found a way to turn cold-pressed coffee into popsicles for summer. The verdict? These are freakin’ delicious. We’ve also tried their strawberry lemonade and banana cinnamon varieties, both of which also pass the Wake Up with Taylor test. Could this be your new favorite summer treat? You’ll have to try them yourself.

Brooklyn Organics Ginger Ale

Brooklyn Organics

Uh oh. While we applaud Brooklyn Organics for rolling out a sugar-free, Stevia-sweetened ginger ale, this tasted a bit artificial. In their defense, we only tried the cola flavor (because it seemed the most interesting), but something was just off. We’ll stick to the brand’s sister company, Bruce Cost, which puts out some of the best ginger ales and ginger beers on the market.

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