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Looking for a clever piece of food-themed art to liven up your kitchen? Look no further than our roundup of best foodie pun prints to buy online.

If you’re hoping to distract from your questionable cooking abilities by jazzing up a boring kitchen wall, look no further than a punny and clever food print that pokes fun at some of your favorite ingredients. It’s the perfect diversion from burnt edges, lack of seasoning, or 5-alarm stovetop fires. In fact, it may actually inspire you to cook better. Because what’s funnier than messing up dinner? That punny poster, obviously. And that’s all you and your houseguests will remember if your food isn’t doing the talking.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the most clever pieces of food-themed wall art. Scroll down and check them out.

Have pun!

“Let The Beet Drop” Print, $9 on Etsy


If you’re a child of the ’90s who watched “Doug” religiously, you absolutely need this beet pun print in your life. It’s funny on so many levels, but just be sure to hang it level on the wall. Otherwise, it may actually drop. And that wouldn’t be (Doug) Funny (ba dum bump).Buy Now

“Back That Hass Up” Print, $18 on Etsy


Girl who is you playin’ with back that Hass up. We love this punny print as much as we love Ja Rule’s 90s dance track that has us all dancing in ways that would make our parents cringe. Relive those days with this avocado print.Buy Now

“Every Day I’m Brusselin'” Print, $26 on Amazon


Brussels sprouts are probably the trendiest vegetables at the moment and “Every day I’m Hustlin'” is a song that never goes out of style. Combine the best of both worlds with this Amazon gem.Buy Now

“Lick Me Till Ice Cream” Print, $5.87 on Etsy

This saucy ice cream pun print is probably best suited for an adult and we’re just hoping the young’ns don’t quite get it.Buy Now

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“You’re Eggceptional” Print, $14.11 on Etsy


The irony about this poster is that nothing is more eggceptional than eggs themselves. We’ll take ours scrambled with hot sauce, please and thank you.Buy Now

“Eat More Hole Foods” Print, $9.50 on Etsy

This one is clearly propaganda from the Donut Alliance meant to confuse us into thinking donuts are healthy whole foods. Well, they’re not but that doesn’t mean we can’t sneak one once in a while, and also enjoy this punderful piece of art.Buy Now

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“Have a Knife Day” Print, $24.99 on Amazon


We’re not entirely sure what a knife day looks like, and truth be told it’s a little unnerving at first, but if it’s actually as adorable as this lil’ butter knife variation, sign us up.Buy Now

“Let’s Taco Bout It” Print, $5 on Etsy


Yes, let’s. And let’s taco bout whether or not you’re bringing the guacamole, sour cream, hot sauce, and cheese to me right now.Buy Now

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“This is My Jam” Print, $3.53 on Etsy


The perfect complement to your “Are you ready for this jelly?” poster and a punderfully good piece of art.Buy Now

“Why You Soy Cute” Print, $3.91 on Etsy


You don’t even have to answer the question. You simply have to look at it and smile as you’re chopping vegetables for your homemade sushi.Buy Now

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