The term “too pretty to eat” may be one of the most overused expressions among foodies. (“Foodies” is another great example of an industry word that deserves a premature death, but I digress). That being said, these sweet and savory flatbread recipes, most of which highlight the beauty of summer fruits, may actually live up to the cliché. From berries and peaches to pears and figs, the seasonal indulgences, utilized at the peak of their harvest, pair perfectly with cheeses, fresh herbs, and greens. Frankly, I’m not sure if I want to eat the dishes on this list or hang them in an museum. Scroll through and decide for yourself.

Strawberry, Pear, and Pesto Flatbread

Carl’s Bad Cravings

This is the best use of red and green I’ve seen since Christmas. Juicy strawberries paired with delicate pears and pesto is the flavor profile I never knew I needed in my life, but now can’t get enough. Get the recipe.

Grilled Flatbread with Potato, Chèvre, and Herbs


Tangy goat cheese and herbs make this masterpiece a perfect grilled treat for summer. Get our Grilled Flatbread with Potato, Chèvre, and Herbs recipe.

Peach, Basil, and Mozzarella Flatbread

Tastes Better from Scratch

Having this flatbread every day for lunch would be peachy-keen, but only during the summer months. If you’ve ever tried a peach during the winter, you know that it’s almost as bad as snow, ice, the flu, and every other horrible aspect of the season. Get the recipe.

Blueberry, Feta, and Honey-Caramelized Onion Flatbread

Kitchen Confidante

You had me at honey-caramelized onions with this one. While feta and blueberries are certainly delicious ingredients, I just want more of the onions. (And a breath mint, please.)  Get the recipe.

Pear, Bleu Cheese, and Walnut Flatbread

The Novice Chef Blog

Pear with me as I devour this pear, bleu cheese, and walnut flatbread in less than 30 seconds. No matter the season, this classic combo never goes out of style. Just ask Taylor Swift. Get the recipe.

Grape, Brie, and Arugula Flatbread

Tidy Mom

While I certainly prefer my grapes in rosé, this is an excellent plan B. In fact, it probably pairs amazingly with rosé or any summer blend. Let’s get this happy hour started, like, yesterday. Get the recipe.

Blackberry, Basil, and Ricotta Flatbread

The Stay at Home Chef

If you’re reluctant to buy blackberries, pairing them with ricotta is the perfect introduction to the seed-heavy fruit. It will absolutely be worth the hour of flossing you’ll have to do after. Get the recipe.

Bacon, Onion and Fig Flatbread


The bacon craze is still out of control, which means I despise people who say “everything tastes better” with it. WRONG. In fact, let’s change things up a bit and make the following statement: bacon tastes so much better with figs. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. Get the recipe.

Grilled Cherry, Goat Cheese, and Arugula Flatbread

Recipe Runner

The George Washington cherry tree incident may be a myth, but I can imagine a young future president chopping one down to make this recipe. How else was he supposed to reach the cherries? Either way, #worthit. Get the recipe.

Raspberry Nutella Flatbread

Go Go Go Gourmet

I obviously wouldn’t leave a dessert flatbread off this list. Do you think I’m crazy or something? Nutella is a no brainer, but the tartness of raspberries take this dish from delicious to death-inducing. And I say that in a great way, obviously. Get the recipe.

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