The reign of the Starbucks unicorn has officially come to an end. In its place are two new Frappucinos that are big on taste and low on enchanted marketing gimmicks. Meet Mango Pineapple and Berry Prickly Pear, the newest creamy and fruity obsessions that you’ll inevitably be sipping on this summer.

According to the coffee giant, Mango Pineapple “starts with a mango Frappuccino blended Crème, poured over a mango-pineapple puree, which displays tropical flavors of juicy mango, pineapple and a hint of lime. It is [then] finished with another layer of mango pineapple puree for additional fruit flavor.” The Berry Prickly Pear is a “mango Frappuccino blended Crème poured over a strawberry and prickly pear fruit puree which, in addition to strawberry, also features subtle notes of hibiscus, passionfruit and lime. The drink is [topped] with another layer of berry prickly pear fruit puree for a beautifully layered blended beverage.”

While the press release’s language sounds a bit hyperbolic, we can attest that these drinks are actually quite pretty. The limited edition Frapps are made without whipped cream so that “bright colors really shine through” and the purees create artistic “ribbons” as you drink.

The delicious duo is available at all Starbucks locations in North America, but quantities are limited. Needless to say, if these fly off the shelves at unicorn-speed, you’ll want to get in line before the masses and sample them for yourself. Or you could just be a normal, money-saving human and make a healthier fruit smoothie within the comforts of your own home. Try our Tangy Banana Smoothie, Fruity Smoothie, and Acai Blueberry Smoothies recipes. They may not contain “beautiful ribbons of bright colors,” but they’re jam-packed with enough vitamins and minerals to help you start your day. And who can really put a price on that?

Header image courtesy of Starbucks.

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