We’re smelling a resurgence of 2003’s “Freedom Fries” campaign. And this time, it’s smelling a lot like Quarter Pounders.

McDonald’s in France has shocked fast food purists (okay, maybe just Americans) by encouraging the use of utensils with its hamburgers. According to Le Figaro, nearly 1,400 restaurants will be distributing recyclable plastic knives and forks, which only re-affirms the notion that French people are way more classy and sophisticated than the rest of the world. Seriously, what’s next? Table-side Chanel bag carriers?

While it’s not hard to believe that Europe’s biggest fork and knife connoisseurs have opted for mandatory cutlery options, we’re frankly surprised that not even greasy, meant-to-be-picked-up-and-devoured-quickly McDonald’s can inspire customers to ditch societal norms in favor of sloppy eating habits. (Though we applaud the French for standing up for tradition, no matter how uppity it may seem to us tongue-smacking, drink-gulping, ketchup-lipped Americans.)

Sure, the news may rile up all of you outspoken and uncompromising Big Mac “experts”, but it’s also important to note that French McDonald’s will only be offering the utensils with their line of more “expensive, signature burgers.” This is no more of an assault on fast food culture than Burger King’s decision to roll out black charcoal buns or Cheetos Chicken Fries. In fact, marketing ploys like the latter (which don’t stem from a country’s historical dining habits) can be downright terrifying.

“The cutlery is an evolution and not a break,” Xavier Royaux, vice president of marketing for McDonald’s France, confirms to Le Figaro, which means the fork and knife are clearly here to stay. And if you’ve got a problem with it (which so many people probably do), simple don’t visit France and enjoy life inside your messy-handed bubble. The world’s got plenty of issues, but for France, eating with a fork ain’t one.

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Main image courtesy of McDonald's.

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