The terms “organ meat” or offal, refers to animal innards. Feet, ears, and snouts may also be included. Some folks think offal is icky, but remember–foie gras is technically an innard. It’s goose liver and mighty expensive and delicious. If you like chopped liver, or pate, that’s organ meat too, of course. And what about giblets in the gravy?

You may graduate to sauteed beef liver (especially the super-mild veal liver) or fried chicken livers. From there, the sky’s the limit! Sweetbreads are considered a delicacy and, when properly prepared, are very mildly flavored.

Tripe, brains, kidneys, and tongue are not so much acquired tastes, perhaps, as acquired textures. Many are strange to our American palates.

Tripe is deliciously prepared in Mexican and Asian cuisines.

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