Be still, our chicken finger-loving hearts.

We all love a good flavor mash-up, but frankly, Oreo has dominated this scene for far too long.

As a departure from the store-bought norm, we were tickled to find that chicken giant Popeyes’ has released a new cookie-crusted variety of its famous fried tenders. (Eat your heart out, Nabisco.)

Dubbed “Sweet and Crunchy Tenders,” your new favorite fast food obsession is breaded and crumbled with buttery shortbread cookies; a flavor combo that makes entirely too much sense. And while many purists have voiced their concern over messing with tradition, these are simply a limited edition menu item that is available until June 25.

This may be the first of many specialty dishes that Popeyes has up its sleeve. The New Orleans-based chain was recently acquired by Burger King’s Restaurants Brands International, which have been the masterminds behind such delicacies as chicken fries and black bun Whoppers.

For those interested in the dessert-inspired concoction, you can head to Popeyes for their $5 special: tenders, fries, and a biscuit. The restaurant also recommends a side of sweet and spicy Smokin’ Pepper Jam sauce, but if you’re bold enough to eat cookies with your chicken, feel free to pair these with whatever the hell you want.

If you want to make your own chicken fingers within the comfort of your own home, try our Baked Cracker-Crusted Chicken Finger recipe. Sure, the crackers aren’t cookies and the chicken is baked instead of fried, but you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you can cook.


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