Long gone are the days of fine dining being solely a celebration of taste. From design and presentation to technique and locale, chefs and restaurateurs have gone above and beyond to ensure that customers not only enjoy their high-quality food, but also experience it.

Australia’s Brae, a World’s Best 50 Restaurant, embodies the philosophy that cuisine is so much more than what you eat. Situated on a 30-acre hillside organic farm, chef and owner Dan Hunter commits to the vision that Brae is “a place to interact with nature and eat from the land.” In fact, the dishwasher turned former head chef at Mugaritz, urges his patrons to not only reside in one of the property’s six luxury guest suites, but also get up during dinner to wander the grounds and appreciate its ingredient-supplying orchards and gardens.

“We really encourage guests to not only eat while they’re there, but to spend time outdoors, on the property, actually getting some context for what they’re eating.”

We sat down the with the culinary innovator to discuss how his unique idea for fine dining came about, the newly-released Brae cookbook, as well as Hunter’s deep love for Vegemite. Check out the video above for the full interview and take a stab at three of the restaurant’s delicious dishes with the recipes below.

Spring Asparagus with Pea Flowers and Frozen Radish

Frozen radish is the nutritious summer treat you never knew you needed in your life. It’s not ice cream, of course, but it more than suffices as part of a refreshing vegetable app. Get the recipe.

Parsnip Crisp with Apple-Parsnip Mousse and Apple Caramel

This is the summer of parsnips! Grandma’s famous apple pie gets a run for its money with this deconstructed and modernized take on a dessert classic. Get the recipe.

Prawns with Nasturtium Leaves and Finger Lime

Australian finger limes are quite the splurge, but a splurge worth taking. Don’t let the prawn heads scare you. Get the recipe.

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