Does the whiny pitch of “I’m booooored,” fill you with dread? You could be like my dad and answer with “Well, I’ve got some chores for you to do. Are you still bored?” and that solved that. Or you can take on the responsibility of entertaining your child 24/7. There’s a middle ground, of course. And some of it lies in the kitchen, where you can use food crafts to occupy your children, rather than the TV or whatever digital technology you use.

Try some of these tips. This food might not be the healthiest, but it’s not healthy for them when you lose your temper, either. You know what else is healthy? Fun. Relaxing a little. And engaging in new activities that require thinking in different ways. You can achieve all these virtues in one edible craft idea. Go ahead, see what happens.

1.  Easy Edible Construction Trucks

All Free Kids Crafts

Use wafer cookies, pretzels and Rolo candies to make these adorable trucks. Get the recipe.

2. Healthy Candy Bracelets

One Little Project

OK, forgive us this one healthy idea. You can still use jelly beans or M&Ms if you insist. Or do like this recipe suggests and gather dried fruit, yogurt-covered raisins, and Cheerios. Get the recipe.

3. Homemade Edible Finger Paint


Use yogurt or sour cream and spices for color. Your toddler can play with the paints in her or his diaper, and your older children can paint actual pictures, or modern abstract art if that’s their thing. Get the recipes.

4. Edible Marshmallow Play Dough

One Little Project

I (almost) want to make this for myself! So much better than the nontoxic store-bought play dough. Sure, your kid won’t be poisoned from it, but this stuff is actual food, although very sugary food. Get the recipe.

5. Rainbow Jar Kids’ Science Experiment

PlayDough to Plato

OK, most of these activities have to do with art, but science is important too. A couple of this recipe’s items are not edible, but the others are. Your kid can learn about density, and how different liquids have different weights. Cool. Get the recipe.

6. Rainbow Bread Painting

Kids Craft Room

A little gel food coloring, granulated white sugar, white bread, and paint brushes do can provide a novel way to have fun that regular painting can’t. Get the recipe.

— Head photo: Kids Craft Room.

Amy Sowder is a writer and editor based in NYC, covering food and wellness in publications such as Bon Appétit, Women's Health, Eat This, Not That!, Upworthy/GOOD, Brooklyn Magazine, and Westchester Magazine. She loves to run races, but her favorite finish lines are gelato shops. Learn more at
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