Apricot Whiskey Smash with Mint
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The Kentucky Derby may be synonymous with bourbon-heavy mint juleps, but there are plenty of other mint-infused cocktails worthy of international spotlight. Whether you can’t shoot whiskey (good luck being BFFs with Carrie Underwood) or need to break away from tradition, we’ve rounded up 11 drinks (with racehorse-esque names, ironically) that will get you across the Happy Hour finish line.

1. Girl Scout Cookie

Girl Scout Cookie mint cocktail recipe


We won’t pretend that this tastes anything like a Thin Mint (because perfection is hard to imitate), but we’ll take any excuse to drink heavy cream mixed with boozy mint and chocolate. Get our Girl Scout Cookie recipe.

2. Cochon’s Satsuma Mojito

Satsuma Mojito recipe from Cochon


It’s everything you love about a standard mojito, but with the addition of satsuma mandarin oranges for a citrusy kick. Going forward, this is the only way we’d like to get our daily vitamin C intake. Get our Cochon’s Satsuma Mojito recipe.

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3. Mojito Margarita

Mojito Margarita recipe


This is the cocktail hybrid that miracles are made of. If you didn’t know that a mojito margarita (or a “mojarita,” if you will) exists, you’re welcome. Cuba meets Mexico for the best flavor mash-up since Peeps Oreos. Get our Mojito Margarita recipe.

4. Apricot Whiskey Smash

Apricot Whiskey Smash with Mint


If you’re looking for something less sweet, but still fruity, look no further than the mighty apricot. You may need more than one pitcher. This recipe is that good. Get our Apricot Whiskey Smash recipe.

5. Tea and Whiskey Highball

Tea Whiskey cocktail recipe


High tea with Queen Elizabeth II would probably be a lot more entertaining with Tea and Whiskey Highballs. The orange and black tea-based cocktail jazzes up English tradition with the addition of Scotch. Pinkies up! Get our Tea and Whiskey Highball recipe.

6. Money Green Champagne

money green Champagne


“Bi*!h better have my money green Champagne,” – Rihanna, probably, if she knew what these mint and lime juice Champagne concoctions tasted like. Get our Money Green Champagne recipe.

7. Mint and Lime Iced Tea

mint and lime iced tea


If you’re actually a fan of the julep and are simply looking for a zesty twist, mix up a minty pitcher of iced tea and spike it with bourbon (or do the same thing with lemonade) for a refreshing summertime treat. Get the Mint and Lime Iced Tea recipe.

8. The Hugo (Prosecco, Elderflower, and Mint Cocktail)

Planning a swanky summer dinner party? This drink reeks of sophistication. Who knew that elderflower and mint made such great BFFs? Get the Prosecco, Elderflower, and Mint Cocktail recipe.

9. Cucumber Mint Gin Fizz

All that’s missing is a spa treatment after sipping on these invigorating adult beverages. Just don’t stick these gin-soaked cucumbers on your eyes after consumption. Get the Cucumber Mint Gin Fizz recipe.

10. Blackberry Mint Mule

Moscow mules have become the new vodka soda. Drinking from a condensation-wrapped mug can also make you feel quite special. Now’s the opportunity to feel *extra* special by incorporating blackberry and mint. Get the Blackberry Mint Mule recipe.

11. Grasshopper Milkshake

Grasshopper Milkshake recipe


Booze in any type of milkshake makes entirely too much sense. The tried-and-true Grasshopper certainly never disappoints with its creme de menthe and cacao blend. Top it with an Oreo to really make your taste buds happy. Get our Grasshopper Milkshake recipe.

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